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About Us

Background of Quality

Formed in 2011, SolPowerPeople is a solar PV quality and consulting organization with a primary focus on supporting the staffing, hardware, and software requirements of organizations in need of 3rd-party PV inspections. To date, SolPowerPeople has trained thousands of individuals in code-compliant PV installation practices and has provided the technical expertise for over 15,000 PV installations.

Innovation: The Future is Now

SolPowerPeople provides an innovative inspection platform and process that allows for easy collection of data, shade reports, and images (2D & 360°), with a live-data connection allowing for instantaneous remote technical support. The result is an interactive (virtual-reality) enhanced PV inspection report that visually incorporates all violation images and comments into the 3D digital space.  

Custom Solutions

We understand that every solar stakeholder has a different list of quality concerns and focus.  Our strength lies in the ability to work within a variety of data platforms and create seamless hooks into various data systems.  All while minimizing communication overhead via automated notification systems.  


We deliver customized quality programs utilizing cutting-edge software and hardware solutions to provide comprehensive, unbiased, continuous process improvement for PV installations. Our SRAD platform (System for the Remote Acquisition of Data) takes data acquistion to the next level, allowing live-data connections with video feed onsite for instantaneous tech support. 360° cameras incorporated into the platform allow for anyone to capture all the required imagery and data for our programmers to create customized interactive virtual reality inspection reports.

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