William SwannWilliam Swann (HS Technology)

#SolarMOOC Lecture: How to Make Solar Tracking Systems Cost Effective – Monday, May 14th at 6pm CDT

William Swann has been practicing mechanical engineering for a number of years and is proficient with Autocad’s Inventor Professional software. He has extensive knowledge of contract machine shops and a familiarity with local sources of mechanical components. William has built and uses low cost CNC machinery for woodworking and is a mentor for engineering graduates.

William’s background as a mechanical designer and his knowledge of using engineering tools for simulation and stress analysis, combined with his enthusiasm for electric vehicles, made him decide to get into renewables. He looked at tracking solar array supports as a good challenge. He finds the most challenging part is writing code for the micro controller, which controls the movement.

William Swann is a proponent of PHEV’s (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) and is currently driving an electric vehicle.

Watch William Swann Lecture Here:

How to Make Solar Tracking Systems Cost Effective


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