“What’s Up, Doc Solstice?”
Q & A with Dr. Jeffery Lee Johnson

 #SolarMOOC lecture recording from November 8th, 2012:

“What’s Up, Doc Solstice?

Sinergia 2012 : Doc’s Conference Presentation slides 

Doc Solstice

#SolarMOOC students are encouraged to submit comment on the above lecture video, slides, or articles and websites referenced below through any social media venue that they may choose. For example: Twitter, facebook, SolPowerPeople’s Forum or you can comment right here on the Newsletter.

Strengthen the #SolarMOOC through creative collaboration with the world! 

During Thursday night’s #SolarMOOC lecture, Dr. Jeffery Lee Johnson, AKA Doc Solstice, shared his presentation from the Sinergia 2012 Conference, and encouraged participation in the Climate Reality Project’s Dirty Weather Report:

The Dirty Weather Report- THIS WEEKEND!


Sol Haroon, Lead Systems Engineer at Suniva, participated in the evenings Q&A, and shared a system line drawing of a DC – Coupled dual battery-bank PV System. Sol also reccomended a website for those interested in DC Coupling systems:



Did you miss last week’s lecture given by Karl Rabago on Nov. 1, 2012? Please visit Net Metering 2.0- The Value fo Solar to access Karl’s slides as well as the recorded lecture.  Below is a link to an article on the Value of Solar in NewJersey and Pennsylvania- two locations that are exemplifying a modern reality: how solar can strengthen the economy. #SolarMOOC students are encouraged to read this article and are invited to peruse the full report as well.

New Study Finds that Solar Power Is a Bargain for Ratepayers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

VOS in NJ and PA- full report from MSEIA

Doc Solstice

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