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#SolarMOOC Lecture with Dr. Sean White, Solar Energy Professor and Consultant

PVThursday January 31, 2013, 4PM Pacific, 6PM Central, 7PM Eastern: SolPowerPeople will welcome Solar PV Expert, Professor, and Consultant Dr. Sean White to the #SolarMOOC stage to present a lecture on the Magic of Photovoltaics: In our wide sky is an enormous nuclear fusion reactor that provides free energy- safely, effectively, and abundantly. We just have to embrace the ‘magic’ of technology and our minds to utilize it. This lecture will delve into the possibilities offered through modern solar PV technology, how it really works, and the magic inherent in PV systems from ground level to the glorious megawatt.

Solar PV technology has evolved from the initial discovery of the Photoelectric effect in 1839 by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel to the modern day use of highly efficient and advanced solar cells for powering space stations.  In just less than 200 years we’ve advanced from wondering if the sun’s energy is even energy at all to using it to explore Mars.  Once upon a time scientists explored the concept of potential energy from the sun-  now scientists explore in the most high tech laboratories how to create triple junction cells that could break the effieciency barrier as never before believed possible.

What would a 1890’s pioneer say about a smart phone, a glistening glass and steel city skyline, or a portable solar powered medical clinic?

Dr. Sean WhiteDr Sean White will offer a curious and inspiring look at the magic of Solar PV: this will not be a history lesson or a basic science lesson, but rather a romp through the physics and potential behind this incredibly expanding realm of science exploration that leads us to abundant clean energy for the future.

Sean will reveal how electromagnetic radiation transforms into current flow via the magic silicon crystal. We’re not talking amethyst or citrine, but the wonderous silica, A.K.A. Quartz- the most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust, and it’s right there at the top. No fracking required.

Some other concepts that we will explore with Dr White will include:

  • Increased current and voltage beyond the manufacturer’s label
  • Backwards flows and busbars
  • Fuses in a combiner that will not blow if you short circuit a Megawatt for 20 years
  • Limited current and power
  • Voltage Rise
  • The future of Solar PV: 10 years, 100 years, 1000 years, light years

Dr. Sean White is a highly experienced PV educator with thousands of hours teaching entry level, intermediate, and advanced PV classes at solar training centers primarily throughout North America. Many hundreds of his students are employed at both startup and leading solar companies.  Sean also designs commercial and residential PV systems in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He has many years of practical work experience at Fidelity Roof and Local Power in California.

Some of the places Sean has experience teaching PV include California, New Jersey, Ontario Canada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Costa Rica & China.

Sean WhiteSean is a NABCEP certified PV Installer, holds the NABCEP Technical Sales Certification, is a licensed C46 Solar Contractor in California & a California Licensed Electrician. Sean’s approach appeals to both beginners and solar experts looking to expand their knowledge. Student evaluations demonstrate that Sean’s knowledge, passion, and pedagogy are outstanding. Keeping students excited, awake and informed is the trilogy of Sean’s learning theory. Sean is excited about an industry that doubles every year, while improving the quality of life for all and will make sure to share that excitement. He finds great satisfaction in sharing his knowledge of PV with his students.

Sean White has worked on and is actively consulting on many PV projects throughout the world.

Visit Sean’s site www.PVStudent.com.   

This lecture will be presented this coming Thursday, January 31st at 6PM Central time as part of the #SolarMOOC  SolPowerPeople‘s Solar Massive Open Online Course – offering free weekly lectures on advanced Solar PV topics and providing FREE solar knowledge for People Power on an international level since March 2012.

As a #SolarMOOC Participant, you will receive an invitation to this lecture. Not participating yet? Sign up for free on the #SolarMOOC Academy page.

You may also register through WebEx to attend this lecture only (and make a note that the password to join is 9999!).


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