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What is a MOOC ?

It is a Massive Open Online Course that utilizes webinars, social media, and participant interaction.

What is the #SolarMOOC?

The #SolarMOOC is a FREE massive open online course that provides online Solar Photovoltaic training and education through webinars, guest lecturers, and social interaction among participants. It establishes a platform that encourages social interaction among participants to facilitate life-long learning and relationship building in the solar industry.

What is the #SolarMOOC Academy?

The #SolarMOOC Academy is an educational resource of formalized micro-courses that are organized to give specific lessons on topics relative to Solar Photovoltaics. It is free and available to the entire world, but participants have the option to pay for continuing education credits (CEUs) for the courses they have taken to apply towards a continuing education certificate program.

What is the difference between the #SolarMOOC and the #SolarMOOC Academy?

The #SolarMOOC is an organic active environment of live webinar sessions and discussion that provide participants with real time instructive lessons from industry professionals, and encourages interaction among participants. The #SolarMOOC Academy is different because students take predefined formalized micro-courses at their own pace to learn a specific topic through online coursework which requires formal enrollment and tracking and has quizzes that are graded.

What does the #SolarMOOC and the #SolarMOOC Academy cost?

They are both FREE! If a participant desired a certificate of completion to document continuing education credits from the #SolarMOOC Academy micro-courses to apply towards a certificate program, the cost is $20.00 per credit hour for the first 20 hours, $15.00 per credit hour from 21-40 hours, then $10.00 from 41 hours on.

How do I enroll in the #SolarMOOC?

To enroll in the #SolarMOOC visit the website and click on the tab for #SOLARMOOC Academy. Fill out the simple registration form on the right, and you’re in.

How do I enroll in the #SolarMOOC Academy?

The process for formally enrolling in the #SolarMOOC academy is currently in development.  Once complete it will be communicated to the #SolarMOOC participants via email and newsletter.

What is a #SolarMOOC Academy micro-course? 

A #SolarMOOC Academy micro-course is a short course (1 – 8 hours) designed to teach a specific concept relative to Solar Photovoltaics. A micro-course will provide a combination of written articles, videos, and slide presentations as well as reading material and quizzes for assessment of topic absorption.

How do I get CEU’s from #SolarMOOC Academy micro-courses?

(answer in progress) In order to attain CEUs for micro-course taken, students must complete the course successfully and earn a certificate of completion for that course. Students must also submit payment for the hours obtained at the rate of $20.00/hour for the first 20 hours, $15,00/hour for 21-40 hours, and $10.00/hour thereafter.

When will the #SolarMOOC Academy micro-courses be available to take?

#SolarMOOC micro-course will be available as they are completed and refined by the SolPowerPeople Inc. instructional staff and then readied for the web. Estimated date for first round of micro-courses is March 1, 2013.

How many #SolarMOOC Academy micro-courses will be created?

#SolarMOOC micro-course will be produced indefinitely for as long as SolPowerPeople has knowledge to share. There is no set number to be created, and the possibilities for growth are endless.

What is the limit on the number of free courses I can take?

There is no limit to the number of free micro-courses a student can take.

How do I get invited to the webinars?

All participants that have signed up for the #SolarMOOC newsletter will receive an invitation to the webinars. Future space for webinars could be limited, so an invitation does not guarantee live participation. However, all webinars will also be posted on the #SolarMOOC archive for future watching.

Are the webinars recorded and archived?

All webinars are recorded and archived at in the #SolarMOOC archive (located under the #SolarMOOC Academy drop down menu).

How do I sign up for the #SolarMOOC newsletter?

To sign up for the #SolrMOOC newsletter, visit the website and click on #SolarMOOC Newsletter from the #SolarMOOC Academy drop down menu. Fill out the short form on the right and you’re in.

How do I sign up for the #SolarMOOC forum?

Click on the Forum tab on the SolPowerPeople website. There is a button located under the search box to log-in or sign-up. The sign-up process utilizes an existing social media account of your choosing (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

How can I sign up to be a #SolarMOOC guest lecturer? 

Follow the drop down menu on the SolPowerPeople website under the #SolarMOOC Academy tab, click on Guest Lecturer Opportunities, or just follow this link:

From there, just fill out the form and you will be contacted soon by a SolPowerPeople associate.

How often and when are the webinars?  

Webinars will be every Monday and Thursday evenings at 6PM CST. Those subscribed to the #SolarMOOC newsletter will get email invitations sent to them ahead of the webinar.

What topics do the webinars cover?

The webinar topics will usually cover one or more of the NABCEP JTA (Job Task Analysis) content domains, from either the Solar PV Installer JTA or the PV Technical Sales JTA. However, other JTA’s and solar specialties can be covered if the guest lecturer has a topic that is outside the NABCEP realm, yet meaningful and appropriate to the #SolarMOOC participants.

How can I sign up for a face-to-face (live) SolPowerPeople course?

On the SolPowerPeople website, click on the tab for Schedule. Here you will find a list of course being offered throughout the country for 2012. Click on the ‘Enroll’ button near the course you are interested in and follow the steps register and submit.

How do I use the #SolarMOOC hashtag to flag social media for aggregation back to the daily newsletters?

Whenever a participant posts social interaction, helpful information, questions or topics for discussion, the hashtag “#SolarMOOC” should be included. This can be written as : #solarmooc, #SOLARMOOC or #SolarMOOC, as long as the # symbol is present combined with solarmooc.

How do I access the #SolarMOOC newsletter archives?

#SolarMOOC newsletter archives can be accessed through the SolPowerPeople website from any #SolarMOOC Academy page by simply clicking on the archive button or by choosing #SolarMOOC Archive from the #SolarMOOC Academy drop down menu.



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