Video Lecture: Software for Smart PV Design, Part 2

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On Thursday September 12th, Anthony Regino (Project Manager, CDI Technology) demonstrated how to use software for smart PV design. Anthony showed how Google Sketch-Up and AutoCAD can help you create an accurate system layout that can result in beautiful design-to-build plans. Anthony also demonstrates how these tools can be used to create an aesthetically pleasing proposal illustration to accompany a project bid.


Watch the video here:



We didn’t get to the point in this lecture where we were going to discuss a spreadsheet method of doing calculations. Ms. MOOC has shared a file that demonstrates how you can use Excel to do quick formula calculations.

“Here’s an example to work with. Notice that sheet one is a template, and sheet 2 is an example. Take this one we provide and make adjustments, and see what else you can do with it.¬†Enjoy!” – Ms. MOOC

Array Calculation Spreadsheet

We talked a bit about how YouTube has some pretty solid video tutorials on how to use Google Sketch-Up.

If you’d like to try to make your own beautiful system design layout visuals, check out this link:

Sketch-Up Video Channel

You can also go to Youtube and explore all sort of YouTube tutorials that many different people have created, and find the one that suits your learning style.

Don’t have Sketch-Up? Download it for FREE here.

SketchUp illustration



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