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#SolarMOOC Newsletter March 03, 2012


Here are the materials gathered from the various blogs and tweets with the hashtag #SolarMOOC.


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Here is the IdeaTreemap for the “Critical” job task resources associated with the “Verifying System Design” topic domain from the NABCEP JTA.  We are still working out the API for this feature and hope to have it up as a living interactive resource embedded on our website within the week.  In the meantime I wanted the #SolarMOOC participants to have access the .pdf version of this particular domain.  Ultimately, we will have interactive maps between all topic domains, and all levels of criticality.

How to use the document:

1.  Open pdf:  Verifying System Design (Critical) IdeaTreemap

2.  Click on one of the nodes on the right(in blue) and it will link you directly to the article.
Nodes in red and yellow point to null sites. Nodes in blue point to articles. (SolarPro links require membership (free) and that you be logged in.)
3.  Presumably, the order of priority in your study should start with the resources that have the highest number of job tasks associated with it and then work down from there.

4.  Note that only those resources that are linkable to free web publications and sites will be accessible via this tool.

5.  And finally, if anyone in the #SolarMOOC wants to work with me to generate these maps please contact me at and I’ll set you up with a free account. verifying system design


Timestamp Username Tweet text
2012-03-04T02:04:07Z[1] SolPowerPeople (SolPowerPeople)[2] SolPowerPeople #SolarMOOC Problem Set #1[3]
2012-03-03T19:52:30Z SolPowerPeople (SolPowerPeople) #solarmooc
2012-03-03T16:14:07Z SolPowerPeople (SolPowerPeople) SolPowerPeople #SolarMOOC Syllabus
2012-03-03T14:26:07Z VideoTelset (Rich Jaccard) #SolarMOOC Notes
1-119 HW
2012-03-03T06:39:07Z SolPowerPeople (SolPowerPeople) #SolarMOOC Lecture 1 – MOOC Mechanics
2012-03-03T06:09:02Z SolPowerPeople (SolPowerPeople) #SolarMOOC
2012-03-03T03:34:34Z SolPowerPeople (SolPowerPeople) Melissa Booth asked about inter-row spacing on #SolarMOOC forum. Great article from SolarPro that covers it #solarmooc
2012-03-03T02:08:38Z butopia (Sky Island Solar) #solarmooc a great wire sizing calculator for branch circuits
2012-03-03T01:44:33Z 21stCES (Max L.) Ready to take down this NABCEP PV installer exam with the help of #SolarMOOC Lets do this!!!
2012-03-02T18:07:12Z RyanNDoty (Ryan Doty) RT @SolPowerPeople: Resource links from Cathy Redson’s #SolarMOOC Presentation
2012-03-02T17:30:08Z SolPowerPeople (SolPowerPeople) Resource links from Cathy Redson’s #SolarMOOC Presentation
2012-03-02T15:08:47Z SarahRaymer1 (Sarah Raymer) #solarMOOC kicked off last night! NABCEP studiers unite!
2012-03-02T05:46:33Z RyanNDoty (Ryan Doty) Thank you all for participating in this first #SolarMOOC!
2012-03-02T05:20:42Z SolPowerPeople (SolPowerPeople) @Jason_N00 Stand-Alone System Sizing #SolarMOOC
2012-03-02T05:19:15Z SolPowerPeople (SolPowerPeople) Thank you all for participating in this first #SolarMOOC!
2012-03-02T04:40:03Z SolPowerPeople (SolPowerPeople) @Jason_N00 We will put it on the list and cover it thoroughly over the course of the next 23 days. #SolarMOOC
2012-03-02T04:36:05Z SolPowerPeople (SolPowerPeople) Great start to the SolPowerPeople #SolarMOOC.  Over 100 enrolled. 40+ in live attendance and it keeps growing! 
2012-03-02T04:26:51Z SarahRaymer1 (Sarah Raymer) Tonight I participated in my first MOOC! #SOLARMOOC! I’m excited and nervous about the NABCEP.  I’m sure it’s gonna be a tricky one.
2012-03-02T03:58:37Z SolPowerPeople (SolPowerPeople) @Callaway480 I’d definitely dive into the resource list from Cathy’s presentation.  We will post it in a blog entry shortly.
2012-03-02T02:35:30Z Callaway480 (Mike Reilly) Im familiar with NEC, took OSHA 10, I read and plan to re read the NABCEP resource guide on their website, any other recommeded?#solarMOOC
2012-03-02T02:29:48Z[4] Callaway480 (Mike Reilly)[5] Im Mike, I have my journeyman electricians licence, finshed SEI courses 101&203 and studing the PV design and installation manual.#SolarMOOC[6]
2012-03-02T01:37:22Z huntxtrm (Roy Triggs) Just started a really cool webinar calle a MOOC!  I think it is really going to be benificial to me. #SolarMOOC
2012-03-02T01:32:58Z GannJeremy (Jeremy Robert Gann) #SolarMOOC  I just attended my first class and it looks like this will be a very beneficial study tool for me! SolPowerPeople is great!
2012-03-02T01:16:01Z Jason_N00 (Jason Nagim) Getting ready for NABCEP. System and battery bank sizing would be a big help. #SolarMOOC
2012-03-01T23:02:37Z SolPowerPeople (SolPowerPeople) t minus 1 hour until the free NABCEP Exam Prep Massive Open Online Course #SolarMOOC begins!!!
2012-03-01T20:24:48Z SolPowerPeople (SolPowerPeople) Welcome to the #SolarMOOC Newsletter, a NABCEP Exam Prep Course
2012-03-01T18:59:39Z SolPowerPeople (SolPowerPeople) FREE 23-Day NABCEP Exam Prep Course #SolarMOOC kicks off in 5 hours
2012-03-01T18:21:08Z RyanNDoty (Ryan Doty) #SolarMOOC NABCEP Exam Prep begins this evening at 6pm CST. This is going to be a very chaotic collaborative community of connectivism!
2012-02-29T19:06:21Z SarahRaymer1 (Sarah Raymer) RT @SolPowerPeople: MIKE HOLT JOINS SOLPOWERPEOPLE, INC. #SOLARMOOC AS GUEST LECTURER
2012-02-29T04:53:30Z RyanNDoty (Ryan Doty) Jim Dunlop is scheduled as guest lecturer for SolPowerPeople’s free NABCEP Exam Prep online course – #SolarMOOC (Massi…
2012-02-27T15:56:17Z EcoOutfitters (Raina Brett Russo) RT @solpowerpeople: @EcoOutfitters SolPowerPeople is providing a FREE 23-day NABCEP Exam Prep Online Course #SolarMOOC
2012-02-25T14:37:01Z SolPowerPeople (SolPowerPeople) @EcoOutfitters SolPowerPeople is providing a FREE 23-day NABCEP Exam Prep Online Course #SolarMOOC

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