Take Your Energy Wherever You Roam: Webinar with

Rene Geneva

How to build a mobile solar power supply

Thursday November 29th at 6PM Central

SolPowerPeople’s #SolarMOOC calendar is ripe with upcoming lectures on topics from Mobile Solar Power Supply design, AC Coupling, DC Microgrids, AC428- PV Mounting Methods, and Custom PV Module Design.

This week: Rene Geneva, founder of Texas Indie Solar and Geneva Design, LLC will present a lecture on how to construct a portable solar power supply quickly and affordably. Provide yourself and your community with energy from the sun wherever you may roam with this DIY solar unit plan.

Rene GenevaThe upcoming weeks will offer some quality brain building time as SolPowerPeople hosts lectures from experts around the world on advanced solar PV concepts, design, code, technology, and more through the powerhouse called the #SolarMOOC.

This Massive Open Online Course is providing free training to an entire world of solar-hungry minds, empowering people and communities around the world.

Through a combination of quality lectures on advanced PV topics, a weekly Newsletter that combines resources with problem sets and guidance, and network development via an online platform- the #SolarMOOC has become a powerhouse of connective learning.

This week is one a nice line-up of upcoming webinar lectures: Rene Geneva will present a lecture on how to design an off-grid solar trailer that can easily be hauled behind a vehicle for power supply anywhere at anytime.

As a #SolarMOOC participant, you will receive an invite to this and all upcoming webinars.

Upcoming lectures include:

11/29/12: Off Grid Solar Trailer Design – with Rene Geneva of Rene Geneva Design and Texas Indie Solar. Rene will show us how to construct a small portable trailer that houses an off-grid solar PV system- making it possible to light up the night anywhere, anytime.

12/6/12: AC Coupling in PV Systems – Utilizing Grid Tied PV Panels During a Utility Power Outage with Alan Santos-Buch, Sales and Support at Magnum.

12/13/12: PV Mounting Methods and Acceptance Criteria 428– with Jean Arya, Lead AE Techical Support with UNIRAC. Details TBD.

12/20/12: DC Microgrid Systems– with Sol Haroon, Lead Systems Engineer at Suniva. Details TBA.

12/27/12: Happy Holidays! No Lecture

01/03/12: Custom PV Modules and Operation– with Charles Liu from Power Film Solar: Discover how innovative versatile design powers possibility.

#SolarMOOC lectures are weekly on Thursdays at 4PM Pacific, 6PM Central, 7PM Eastern. 

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