NABCEP PV Installer Exam Prep

SPV3500 Advanced PV Systems and the NEC 
NABCEP PV Installer Exam Prep Course

(20 Advanced Contact Hours)

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Course Description:

The SolPowerPeople NABCEP PV Installer Exam Prep Course provides an in depth analysis of advanced PV design and installation concepts and uses case studies and complex problem sets to immerse participants in applying what they learn. This format provides a “real world” context requiring participants to navigate and follow codes and standards dictated by the National Electric Code, as well as other industry-recognized best practices.

This course was designed to prepare participants to be able to demonstrate that they have acquired the knowledge and skills as described in the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) PV Installation Professional Job Task Analysis and assist them in obtaining a passing score on the NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional Exam.

Successful completion of this course will provide 20 advanced hours toward the NABCEPTM PV Installation Professional Exam, or all required credit hours towards NABCEPTM PV Installation Professional recertification.

Prerequisite: SPV2000/3000 or equivalent training. If you have questions regarding whether you qualify to take this course, please contact us for clarification. 


SPV3500 Learning Objectives:

  1. Determine maximum and minimum voltage in a PV system based on environmental conditions given different system components.
  2. Locate and define requirements in the 2011 NEC Codebook for conductor and OCPD sizing.
  3. Perform calculations required to properly size conductors for circuits in PV systems as per 2011 NEC code.
  4. Perform calculations to properly size OCPD devices for split and 3 phase system designs as per 2011 NEC code requirements.
  5. Calculate voltage drop/rise and describe the cause and effect of each on PV system performance.
  6. Describe the steps for proper insulation resistance testing, and explain its purpose and importance.
  7. Describe the importance of proper installation of expansion fittings and what can go wrong if this is done incorrectly.  Perform necessary calculations and define proper method to install expansion fittings for conductors in conduit.
  8. Design a grid-tied system: Size PV array, OCPD and conductors.
  9. Define purpose of setpoints for charge controllers on battery banks and bimodal systems and how to determine proper setpoints for different charging methods and preferences. Describe how different setpoints affect system performance, charging, and lifespan.
  10. Calculate the ideal spacing distance between rows for arrays with multiple rows of modules to avoid shading.
  11. Interpret the meaning of IV Curve Tracing visuals to determine system performance., and define how to use this data to assist with troubleshooting.
  12. Calculate the proper length of lag-bolts for PV installation for given materials and wind loads.
  13. Describe wind load considerations that affect array placement and configuration.
  14. Define the purpose of torquing devices and the settings required for PV installation methods.
  15. Define the different parts and purposes of the PV grounding system.
  16. Define positive grounded systems and ungrounded systems and describe how they are different from traditional PV system installations.
  17. Describe the blind-spot in grounded PV systems in the U.S. and discuss the remedies being proposed for future NEC revisions.
  18. Describe the NEC requirements for arc-fault protection.
  19. Determine all signage requirements for a PV system.

Student Knowledge and Experience Assumptions:

Students must have completed the prerequisite SPV2000/3000 Advanced PV Design and Installation Workshop or a similar equivalent before attempting this course. Please contact a SolPowerPeople representative to clarify if you are qualified to take this course.

Certificate of Completion:

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be given a Certificate of Completion as verification of successful completion of all requirements.



Students will need to bring to class a copy of the current edition of the National Electric Code: NFPA 70®: NEC® , ISBN: 978-1455906727 (currently using the 2014 edition).



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