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SPI 2012
Making our SolPower Connection
to the Solar Universe



SPI 2012

at SPI 2012 in Orlando, FL


SPI 2012

The Solar Power International Convention 2012 in Orlando has concluded.

We here at SolPowerPeople are delighted to have made so many “SolPower Connections” to the solar universe.

SPI 2012

Here is part of the SolPowerPeople team

(l-to-r: Cathy Redson – President; Sarah Raymer – Director of Education and Training Services; Ryan Doty – Chief Technology Officer)

Rhone Resch and John Smirnow

SolPowerPeople CEO, Richard Stovall (right), making a SolPower Connection with Rhone Resch (center), President and CEO of SEIA (Solar Energy Industry Association www.seia.org) and John P. Smirnow (left), Vice President of Trade and Competitiveness at SEIA.  SEIA expressed delight with the work we are doing with our #SolarMOOC and our effective approach with penetrating new and underserved markets.


Rhone Resch and John Smirnow

SolPowerPeople president, Cathy Redson, making her SolPower Connection with Rhone Resch and John Smirnow.  Cathy and Rhone strategized during SPI2012 on how to foster more “creative collaboration” within the solar industry during the SolarPAC meeting on Monday night.

Ezra Auerbach

NABCEP Executive Director, Ezra Auerbach (www.nabcep.org), makes a SolPower Connection with SolPowerPeople CEO, Richard Stovall.  Ezra will be a presenter for our #SolarMOOC at some point in the future, discussing the certification process for PV practitioners.


While at the NABCEP booth we got to witness Ezra present the very first NABCEP company accreditation award to representatives of Renova Solar (www.renovasolar.com).

Karl Rabago

Rábago Energy LLC (www.rabagoenergy.com) principal, Karl Rábago, makes a SolPower Connection with SolPowerPeople president, Cathy Redson. Karl’s recent work crafting Austin Energy’s Value of Solar Tariff, a.k.a. “Net Metering 2.0″, was a hot topic during the conference.


Johnny Weiss

Johnny Weiss, one of the founders of Solar Energy International (www.solarenergy.org), makes his SolPower Connection with Richard Stovall.  We are very excited about the prospect of Mr. Weiss presenting as a #SolarMOOC lecturer, and look forward to hearing about some of the solar projects he has done abroad.

Martin Plass

Martin Plass, Senior Vice President & General Manager of CFV Solar Test Laboratory (www.cfvsolar.com) makes a SolPower Connection with Sarah Raymer, SolPowerPeople Director of Education and Training Services.  Mr. Plass will be presenting to our #SolarMOOC global audience on the topic of the PV module certification process.

Larry Platt and Martin Plass

Larry Platt, Test and Operations Manager for CFV Solar Test Laboratory, connects with Martin Plass, Senior Vice President and General Manager, and Richard Stovall.  Last summer, Larry gave Richard Stovall and Cathy Redson an extensive tour of the CFV test facility in Albuquerque, NM.

Paul Hernday

Paul Hernday, applications engineer for Solmetric (www.solmetric.com), makes his SolPower Connection with Cathy Redson. Paul supports SolPowerPeople’s #SolarMOOC and recently wrote a comprehensive article in SolarPro Magazine (www.solarprofessional.com) entitled “Field Applications for I/V Curve Tracers”.

Jeff Laughy

Jeff Laughy, Training Manager for SolarEdge Technologies (www.solaredge.com), makes a SolPower Connection with Richard Stovall.  Jeff will be presenting a #SolarMOOC on DC-to-DC power optimization devices.  As part of their previous lives, Jeff and Richard taught a microinverter class together back in late 2009.

Ezra Jones

Ezra Jones, from Evergreen Solar Services (www.evergreensolarservices.com) makes a SolPower Connection with Cathy Redson.  We look forward to Ezra’s #SolarMOOC presentation about considerations for large ground-mount PV installations.

Lee Rothschild

Lee Rothschild, Account Representative for Sollega “The Simple Solar Racking Solution” (www.sollega.com) makes a SolPower Connection to Richard Stovall.  At SolPowerPeople, we use the Sollega ballast mount as part of our SPV2000/SPV3000 Accellerated PV System Design and Installation workshop.  We are looking forward to the Sollega #SolarMOOC and their explanation of some of the engineering considerations that go into these ballast systems.

Gene Krzywinski

Cathy connected with Gene Krzywinski, Company founder and Chief Technology Officer with eIQ Energy (www.eiqenergy.com), who was happy to learn about #SolarMOOC and SolPowePeople, and will be presenting in an upcoming #SolarMOOC about the technology and bennefits of DC parallel array connections. This will be a great session!


 Dr Rick Russell

Dr. Rick Russell, Vice President, Engineering & Operations of Suncore Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd., (www.suncorepv.com), makes a SolPower Connection with Richard Stovall.  Dr. Russell will focus his #SolarMOOC on some of the challenges and opportunities of roof-mounted CPV (concentrated photovoltaics).

Nancy Molenda and Craig Werner

Nancy Molenda and Craig Werner of the Aluminum Extruders Council (www.aec.org) make a SolPower Connection with Richard Stovall.  With aluminum being the third most abundant element in the earth’s crust at ~8% (followed by silicon at ~26%) we are very eager to see Mr. Werner’s #SolarMOOC presentation of creative applications of aluminum in solar energy installations.

Heather Peterson

Heather Peterson, Account Manager for Affordable Solar (www.affordable-solar.com), makes a SolPower Connection with Cathy Redson. From the nuts and bolts of grounding and bonding, to high-level dealer and commercial PV sales and marketing, we’re working with Heather to bring her extensive experience and contagious enthusiasm to an upcoming #SolarMOOC session that you won’t want to miss!

Stefan Myrskog

Stefan Myrskog, Ph.D. Director of Science for Morgan Solar (www.morgansolar.com) makes a SolPower Connection with Richard Stovall.  Morgan Solar has some revolutionary CPV and dual-axis tracking technology and we look forward to hearing all about it via a #SolarMOOC presentation.

Richard Stephens

Richard A. Stephens from Ecology and Environment, Inc. the Global Environmental Specialists (www.ene.com) makes a SolPower Connection with Richard Stovall.  We are very much looking forward to a #SolarMOOC presentation on the significant yet largely ignored topic of large-scale solar PV deployment and the permitting, environmental, and ecological concerns associated with it.

Ryan Feeley

Ryan Feeley, Phd., P.E., Senior Mechanical Engineer from QBotix (www.qbotix.com) makes a SolPower Connection with Sarah Raymer.  Ryan will be presenting a #SolarMOOC on the use of robotics in large-scale dual-axis solar PV installations.

Rebekah Hren

Rebekah Hren, PV Curriculum Developer & Instructor for Solar Energy International (www.solarenergy.org) makes a SolPower Connection with Richard Stovall. We are very excited to have Rebekah and other SEI instructors presenting in our #SolarMOOC.

Brian Mehalic

Brian Mehalic, PV Curriculum Developer and Instructor from Solar Energy International (www.solarenergy.org) makes a SolPower Connection with Richard Stovall.

Kris Sutton

Kris Sutton, PV Curriculum Developer and Instructor with Solar Energy International (www.solarenergy.org) makes a SolPower Connection with Richard Stovall.  Kris, Rebekah, and Brian were all instructors of the truly excellent PV351L Tools and Techniques for Operation and Maintenance Lab Week (Grid-Tied) class attended by SolPowerPeople CEO Richard Stovall in August of this year.

Laura Walters

Laura Walters, PV Curriculum Developer & Instructor for Solar Energy International (www.solarenergy.org) makes a SolPower Connection with Richard Stovall.  We think SEI has some world class instructors and curriculum and we look forward to working with Laura and others within SEI to bring solar PV education to the world through the #SolarMOOC and other channels.

Ali Razavi

Ali Razavi, Corporate Vice President of 1SolTech (www.1soltech.com) makes a SolPower Connection with Richard Stovall.  1SolTech is a Texas-based c-Si PV module manufacturer and we are looking forward to a #SolarMOOC from them on the module manufacturing process and some of the unique challenges in being an American PV module manufacturer.

Kevin Kessler

Kevin Kessler, Outside Technical Sales, Schletter Inc. (www.schletter.us), makes a SolPower Connection with Cathy Redson. Kevin supports SolPowerPeople and our #SolarMOOC and was interested in exploring how our companies can work together to get the word out about quality racking and mounting technologies from Schletter!

Julia Stone

Julia Stone, Director of Distributor Relations, for PowerFilm Solar (www.powerfilmsolar.com)makes a SolPower Connection with Richard Stovall.  PowerFilm is an Iowa-based pv manufacturer that specializes in flexible thin-film applications.  We are interested and excited to hear their #SolarMOOC presentation, especially with regards to some of the military applications of flexible thin-film technology.

Charles Liu

Charles Liu, president of EverbrightSolar (www.everbrightsolar.com), makes a SolPower Connection with Richard Stovall. Mr. Liu will be presenting a #SolarMOOC that discusses PV module manufacturing and the supply-chain from top to bottom, and to hear about his innovative technology that mitigates shading concerns at the module level.

SPI 2012


SolPowerPeople, Inc. also made connections with several other companies and potential #SolarMOOC presenters, including Andy Davidson,  from UniRac http://unirac.com) who will present about the ICC PV Acceptance Criteria 428 for PV installations.

Jason Whitaker, Chief Technology Officer at Shoals http://shoals.com who will be covering advanced BOS solutions.

Jeff Vannatta, National Field Sales Manager at Garlock Safety Systems. He will be covering Safety & Fall Protection Systems.

Emmitt Muckles, Sales Technical Training Specialist for Fronius will be presenting on the technical aspects of the Fronius inverter.

Alan Santos-Buch, Magnum Energy Renewable Energy Sales will give detail technical information regarding the Magnum Inverter, including off-grid, grid-tied, and AC coupled applications.

Steve Van Duser from Eaton is a software and metering solutions engineer set to discuss Power XPert Metering and monitoring real-time metering data acquisition for energy management systems using PV and Smart Grid advanced metering. A hot topic for PPAs and large commercial PV projects includes Insurance and Risk Management for large installations.

Scott McClure, Vice President at Hub International (www.hubinternational.com) will give insight on this important issue.

We will also be working with Doug Laningham from MK Battery (www.mkbattery.com) to nail down a suitable topic on battery technologies.

Terry E. Anderson, president, TRA Snow & Sun (www.trasnowandsun.com) will discuss the considerations in snow retention and solar racking.

Cameron Stark, member of technical staff-pv test, Fraunhofer USA (cse.fraunhofer.org).

Sean White, independent contractor, ISPQ certified instructor, and NABCEP certified PV Installer (pvstudent.com).

Brian Pelowski, of Deck Monitoring (deckmonitoring.com), to discuss technical and mechanical aspects of PV monitoring.

Steve Higgins, of Rolls Battery Engineering, to discuss off-grid solar PV design.

Spencer Zirkelbach, Marketing and Proposal Specialist of S&C Electric Company (sandc.com), large-scale energy storage solutions.

Yusuf Chitalwala, Applications Engineering Manager of Yugogawa (yokogawa.com), advanced PV troubleshooting equipment.

Ryan Doty

And to everyone else we “SolPower Connected” with, thanks to all the great conversations and insights made during an action-packed three days and nights! From the awesome band at Trina’s party at B.B. Kings, to President Bill Clinton’s call for “creative collaboration” a hallmark of SolPowerPeople’s core mission, this conference is one for the history books!  Adios Solar Power International 2012!!  Until next year…  See you in Chicago!!

Bill Clinton SPI 2012

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