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South Africa: Solar Growth Potential & Market Possibilities

This  special edition #SolarMOOC explored South Africa solar potential in a shared presentation and discussion between solar experts David Lipschitz, Sean White and Richard Stovall.  Some topics that were covered include:


  • Solar potential in South Africa – solar resource data
  • Solar market emergence in South Africa
  • Grid Parity in South Africa in 2015
  • How sharing “Negawatts” can benefit the customer and the utility- the benefits of net metering
  • Preview of material to be covered in upcoming solar training course in Durban, South Africa (to be taught by Sean White)

Lecture Video:


Sean White’s Slides: You can download Sean White’s slideshow PDF here via a Dropbox link.

Richard Stovall’s Slides:

Richard Stovall Slides
Community Power System Workshop – Building a Virtual Power Station, slideshare from David Lipschitz: Slides for teaching about Feed In Tariffs, Net Metering, the state of Electricity in South Africa, why we need Electricity, Energy Efficiency, and Virtual (Community) Power Stations which bring everything together.


World Changers Academy –
Through its successful programs in Durban, South Africa, thousands of lives have been transformed since WCA began its first Life Skills course in August 2002.  Joe White, Sean White’s brother, manages this organization.

My Power Station -Read more about David and contact him at his website My Power Station or email him at: david@mypowerstation.biz

Model Rules for Shared Renewable Energy Programs – From the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) Vote Solar Initiative

Shared Renewables HQ– Site dedicated to progress of solar policy development in the USA

South Africa Renewable Energy Project Map – a map of project development in South Africa with details on projects

Net Metering in South Africa-  To help get net metering enacted in South Africa join the Facebook group!

Electric Solar Light Fund website: SELF’s mission is to design and implement solar energy solutions to assist the 1.5 billion people living in energy poverty with their economic, educational, health care and agricultural development.

Solar Resource Production in South Africa : an in depth analysis


Links to PV Magazine articles  on solar expansion in South Africa:

Upcoming Energy Conferences where you may meet our lecturer David Lipschitz:

South Africa Sunset

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