#SolarMOOC: Batteries Exposed! Possibilities of Medium Scale Storage in Off-Grid Design

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On November 14th, SolPowerPeople will welcome the off-grid guru Kenny Grigar to present a #SolarMOOC lecture on energy storage systems that step outside the traditional. In this free one-hour lecture, Kenny will take us beyond the L 16, on a journey through practical design for off grid storage tailored to the demands of a modern age.

REGISTER NOW for this online lecture that will be held at 12PM Central time on November 14, 2013.

Today it is not uncommon for those looking for energy storage to ask for a system to accommodate energy usage demands that far exceed the traditional designs that use 12 or 24 volt batteries.  They may not like the idea of battery maintenance, or off gassing – a common characteristic of standard lead-acid batteries.  What is the best way to design a durable and long-lasting energy storage system for the modern user?

Kenny GrigarWhat is the best way to deal with modern energy demands, and customers that are not satisfied with possibilities of ‘old-fashioned’ energy storage system design?

Topics in this lecture will include:

  • Entering the available market- what’s available for large and small scale storage?
  • Different types of batteries, voltages, and amp hours and why it matters
  • Key considerations for designing a 2000 Amp Hour battery storage system 


Kenny Grigar is widely known in the solar community as the “go-to guy” with issues and challenges regarding off-grid and bimodal PV installations. He lives off grid, designs & installs off grid, and is an avid educator for those who want to embrace the beauty of off-grid living.  He is also an advocate for solar, has been known to don a solar cape, and help bands like the Flaming Lips perform in the desert in Taos, New Mexico with nothing but the power of the sun and smart storage.

Kenny’s colorful life and personality make him as interesting and entertaining as he is knowledgeable. He has worked with just about every manufacturer’s products, technical support, and representatives and has extensive inside information and knowledge about how to get maximum performance and system life from off-grid PV system components.

Kenny is the owner of Off Grid Hardware, a sustainable living company focusing on off grid products and services that assist in helping you live a more sustainable and natural lifestyle.  Whether you need to light your primitive camping adventure, warm your cabin with a wood burning stove, or power your home with the sun, Kenny’s your man.

You will not want to miss this lecture and opportunity to learn from the off-grid guru.

Never miss another #SolarMOOC Lecture- Join the #SolarMOOC today– SolPowerPeople’s free online learning platform for all things solar.


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