Solar PV Site Assessment
Solar Resource and Location Requirements

#SolarMOOC Lecture from Thursday May 30, 2013 with Ms. MOOC

Presentation Slide Show

more slide presentations from SolPowerPeople here


Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment (SWERA)Solar resource data (and more) for any location worldwide

Solar Resource Data tables: Solar data for US specific locations from NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory): “The Solar Radiation Data Manual for Flat-Plate and Concentrating Collectors is available on the RReDC in HTML and PDF format. Individual PDF files are available for the main body of the manual and for each of the 50 states, the Pacific Islands (Guam) and Puerto Rico. Compressed files containing the individual PDFS for the manual and the site data tables can be downloaded in three compression formats: PC, Macintosh and Unix. Maps derived of the data represented in the tables are also available for viewing.”

#SolarMOOC Forum: Share your methods of data collection or site assessment in your location, and access links that I have added to the discussion.

Solar Feeds News and Commentary: Solar System Design on the Fall Equinox- a nice explanation of the solar window, and a whole website to explore beyond this page.

Australian Government Bureau of MeteorologyDirect, diffuse and albedo solar irradiance

Do you want to learn how to figure out the length of a shadow, and how far an object needs to be away from the soalr array to avoid shading? Check this out- Link to #SolarMOOC lecture on shading for inter row PV design. How to use a solar pathfinder, where to get one, and you can sign up for a webinar here as well.

There was a question about the solar incidence angle at the end of the lecture last Thursday. Here are a few illustrations that explain it, and check out the slides that are included for even more clarity.

Solar PV Site Assessment


Solar PV Site Assessment

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