Solar PV Racking: Designing for Strong Code-Compliant Installations

Structural Engineering for Non-Engineers

Live Lecture Thursday, December 13th 6pm CDT

As solar photovoltaic module prices become more competitive, the BOS components and installation procedures and costs are becoming a focal point in the solar industry. There is a need for safe and effective solutions that are not only well engineered but code compliant and easily installed.

Thursday December 13th, SolPowerPeople will welcome Jean Arya, technical support specialist at UNIRAC to the #SolarMOOC stage to lecture on Solar PV racking engineering and installation considerations. Topics that will be covered include design load considerations, national standardization, performance engineering, code compliance,and liability issues.
Jean AryaWhat do designers and installers need to know in order to effectively and safely do their job? The PVI NABCEP(TM) certification requires installers to be extremely well versed in electrical requirements and design, but some say that the mounting and racking has been overlooked in certification requirements and testing. It is none-the-less just as important- if a system is not installed and mounted correctly, numerous problems can arise leading to nasty talk about solar systems and the companies that install them.

How can we make system installation easier, faster, and safer at the same time?    

What must be considered when designing and managing a PV project in order to reduce install time,maximize ROI, and avoid permitting road-blocks along the way?

What codes and standards need to be abided by?UNIRAC

What load limitations need to be calculated?

Jean Arya, Technical Support Specialist at UNIRAC, will present a #SolarMOOC lecture this week in which she will address this issue, offering guidance as to what the current standards, codes, regulations and design requirements are for racking systems.

Unirac’s SolarMount Evolution is the first complete PV racking system to achieve acceptance by the International Code Council, who writes the International Building Code.

Jean Arya has worked in renewable energy and energy efficiency for twelve years, with the local electric utility; a retailer/distributor; and for the past four years in Tech Support at Unirac. She enjoys giving presentations, and trains within the company and for customers all over the country. Her specialty is explaining technical information to non-technical people.

As a #SolarMOOC Participant, you will receive an invitatiopn to this live lecture.


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#SolarMOOC lectures are weekly on Thursdays at 4PM Pacific, 6PM Central, 7PM Eastern. 

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