Solar PV Design Formulas Review

for NABCEP PV Installer Exam Preparation

Thursday – August 23 @ 6PM Central, 4PM Pacific, 7PM Eastern

Solar photovoltaic system design and installation isn’t just about fitting modules onto a roof and hooking them up, but rather a complex process where many variables must be considered, from ambient temperature to component specifications and much more. There are websites and software programs that can help you do the math, but you will not be able to use those during the NABCEP PV Installer Exam on September 22! Even if you have access to a program or a pre-planned design that a project manager has provided, it is always best to know how it works and why.

This Thursday’s SolarMOOC webinar will be a review of some of the primary formulas necessary to complete a successful solar system design and installation.  Knowing these formulas well and how they work will give those preparing to sit for the NABCEP PVI Exam an extra layer of confidence, and will save test takers valuable time when the exam hour rolls around.

Topics will include system sizing, determining maximum and minimum system voltages, voltage drop calculations, maximum circuit current calculations, conductor and OCPD sizing, lag-bolt length calculations, and more.

Sarah Raymer, SolPowerPeople’s Director of Education and Training Services, will present this formula overview to assist fellow comrades in preparing for the exam. She has been studying solar photovoltaics since 2010 through Austin Community College, and will be sitting for the exam in September.  Ms. Raymer is happy to have a chance to participate as a presenter in the SolarMOOC – a free massive open online course bringing solar knowledge to the entire world. SolPowerPeople is happy to welcome her as the presenter of this weeks upcoming lecture.

SolarMOOC students will receive an invitation reminder for this weeks webinar on Thursday morning.  Those wanting to attend may also register directly through WebEx.

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