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As our nation pulls out of this recession, businesses, homeowners, local, state, and national leaders and policy makers will realize that while the U.S. has been afraid to pick winners and losers, and commit to a sustainable energy policy, the rest of the world has embraced solar PV as the answer to meet their growing demand for energy. As prices have fallen and performance has increased, solar has quietly reached grid parity and now surpasses all forms of energy production in cost, reliability, minimizing impact on the environment, and eliminating carbon emissions that are widely believed to be the cause of catastrophic climate change. PV Systems design, installation, and project development services could represent a substantial source of revenue for all industries, not just those directly involved with actual installations, but every support industry seeking to provide products and services as the solar PV industry matures.

The SolPowerPeople, Inc. Professional Services Division offers marketing, business development, education and solar consulting services on a contract basis. Individuals, new and existing businesses, schools, project developers, and policy makers can access the solar PV expertise and experience they need to reach their goals.


Let us:

Shorten the Learning Curve

If you or someone on your staff needs the solar PV experience and knowledge we can offer, you could be be on your way to implementing your product, project or program. Tell us how solar PV technology fits into your plans and we’ll help you make it happen.

Save You Time & Money

Solar PV uses energy from the sun, but its not rocket science! Getting us on your team gets you from concept to profits quickly, efficiently, and with minimal investment of your resources.

Empower Your Business

The question is not will solar PV be a viable technology in the 21st century, but will YOU and YOUR business be prepared to respond to the tidal wave of opportunity that it will bring across the global business landscape.

Let SolPowerPeople, Inc. help you prepare to be OPEN FOR BUSINESS taking part in the Solar PV Revolution.

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  • PV System Design & Project Management Consulting Service


  • Solar Curriculum Development Services


  • Solar Professional Development



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