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Free “Massive Open Online Course” Explodes onto Solar Training Landscape With High Level, Advanced Open Source Solar Training Featuring Solar PV Experts Providing Global Access to PV Design & Installation Best Practices 

            AUSTIN, TX:  SolPowerPeople, Inc. announces the expansion and transition of the #SolarMOOC from a “FREE NABCEP PV Installer Exam Prep Course” to an ongoing, FREE Advanced PV Systems Design, Installation Course. Beginning Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. CST, SolPowerPeople, Inc. CEO and #SolarMOOC mastermind, Richard Stovall, will introduce the new course format, along with an expanded list of guest lecturerscourse topics, and special sessions tailored to specific target audiences. In addition, for the original core base of participants, Stovall will host weekly Monday night #SolarMOOC sessions of recurring six-week cycles, each week dedicated to one of (6) content domains of the NABCEP PV Installer Job Task Analysis beginning Monday, April 16, 2012Cathy Redson, SolPowerPeople, Inc. President, will host weekly Tuesday night #SolarMOOC sessions dedicated to the NABCEP Technical Sales Job Task Analysis beginning Tuesday, May 22, 2012.

Participation in #SolarMOOC is free. Registration requires providing your name, city, and email on the #SolarMOOC page at All #SolarMOOC participants can attend live webinars, access recorded sessions, forums, practice problems and answers, course quizzes with video and text-based answer keys, archived newsletters, and will receive daily newsletters that provide course announcements and aggregate all course materials generated by facilitators, PV experts, and participants tagged with the #SolarMOOC hashtag at no charge.

The SolPowerPeople, Inc. #SolarMOOC Academy provides a way for #SolarMOOC Advanced PV training to be used to meet the NABCEP PV Installer™ Exam eligibility requirements, Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for NABCEP PV Installer™ Re-Certification, or CEUs for other licenses (as approved by the authority having jurisdiction).Because SolPowerPeople, Inc. maintains a record of all participant activity, enrollment in the Academy can occur at any time at no charge. In the #SolarMOOC Academy, specific #SolarMOOC topic areas, assignments, and quizzes are packaged as 2- to 6-hour Advanced Solar PV Micro Courses. For a nominal fee, #SolarMOOC Academy enrollees are awarded Micro Course Certificate of Completion, based on evidence of completion of specific assignments and assessments, either retroactively or going forward. The cost for #SolarMOOC Academy Advanced PV Micro Course credit-hours or CEUs starts at $20.00 per credit-hour or CEU for 1-20, $15.00 for 21-40, and $10.00 for each credit/CEU after 40. “The real beauty of the #SolarMOOC and the #SolarMOOC Academy is that now, people all over the world can get free, formalized solar training. And, if at any point, someone determines they need credits to document CEU’s or advanced training, they can retroactively purchase a certificate of completion for the number of credits needed.  So a person can take 100 hours of free formalized training, and if they only need to document 8 hours, they only pay for 8 hours,” explains Stovall.

SolPowerPeople, Inc. is an ISPQ-Accredited, NABCEP Approved PV Entry Level Exam Provider. In March 2012, they launched their 2012 US Solar Training Tour bringing their live, instructor-led 40-hour SPV2000/SPV3000 Accelerated PV Design and Installation Workshop, featuring their Mobile Solar Training Lab, to underserved markets for accelerated solar training. SolPowerPeople, Inc. is broadcasting #SolarMOOC from the road as they roll their RV/Training caravan across the United States.

“The long term success of solar hinges on high quality, code-compliant PV installations that deliver the savings people expect” says Stovall, “And, while NABCEP PV Installer™ Certification is still the gold standard credential for the PV industry, with NABCEP PV Technical Sales™ Certification on the rise, #SolarMOOC can benefit anyone seeking high level, advanced solar training including roofers seeking RISE Certification, electricians, architects, and other licensed professionals seeking continuing education units [CEUs], and even people in the field with PV projects that call for specific PV design and installation expertise. Our goal is to create a treasure trove of Advanced PV design and installation best practices available to anyone; they choose what they want to learn, when they want to learn it. #SolarMOOC short circuits the knowledge gap, smashing the last barrier to widespread, global adoption of solar to power the electronic age.”

Since its launch March 1, 2012, #SolarMOOC is transforming the solar training landscape. PV experts such as Jim Dunlop, of Jim Dunlop Solar, Mike Holt of Mike Holt Enterprises, Jeff Gilbert of Azimuth Solar Training LLC, Janet Hughes of ONtility, LLC, Johan Alfsen of QuickMount PV, Inc., and Kenny Grigar of Self-Reliant Solar, LLC were able to appear as guest lecturers during the March 1-23, 2012 sessions.

“#SolarMOOC is a catalyst for knowledge. It does not presume that there is any specific thing you need to know about solar PV technology, PV system design, or PV system installation, although our focus is at an advanced training level” explains Cathy Redson, SolPowerPeople, Inc. President. “#SolarMOOC follows a structured syllabus that serves as a starting point to ignite collaboration between participants and subject matter experts. Knowledge emerges during live sessions, or online through forums, blogs, social media, groups, and websites as participants, facilitators, and guest lecturers, explore course materials and establish knowledge networks that continue long past the course. For the solar industry, the #SolarMOOC provides a focused platform for discussion, enrichment and debate and will disseminate widespread solar knowledge and skills transfer, speeding up the global transition away from fossil fuels,” Redson concludes.

SolPowerPeople, Inc. was founded in December 2011 as a solar PV training company. Founders Cathy Redson, Richard Stovall, and Ryan Doty bring over 30 years of education, PV design and installation, curriculum development and sustainability consulting experience. SolPowerPeople’s “100 by 10” initiative” is to bring solar training to 100,000 people in 10 years.

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