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OnGrid: Core Solar Concepts for a Smart Proposal

Guest Lecturer: Michael Bishop

On Thursday March 13th, 2014, Michael Bishop, COO at OnGrid Solar, shared a presentation in which he reviewed some basic concepts necessary for generating winning solar sales proposals. Some things that were reviewed were annual net metering, electric rate structures, and how to make the financial case to your customers through knowing how to explain the benefits of investing in a PV system.

Note: The #SolarMOOC has been such a hit, that during this lecture we topped out the potential of our Online Webex Lecture sharing capacity at 100 participants. We are super excited that the #SoalrMOOC is so popular!  We are working on finding a way to broaden our reach and open the lectures up to more participants in the future.  In the meanwhile, we will only be able to accommodate 100 in the session. So next time, join early (you can join the session up to 10 minutes early)!

Lecture Video


OnGrid founder Andy Black’s publications are widely known as an incredible reference for understanding the financial case for solar. He has made many resoruces available through the OnGrid website.  Two of our favorites are:

Download Andy Black’s slide set PDF on Economics for Solar, Making the Financial Case

Download Andy Black’s paper on Economics for Solar Electric Systems for Consumers:Payback and Other Financial Tests

Visit the OnGrid Solar website and browse under Papers/Publications and Economics & Financial Info for more great resources.

OnGrid Solar

Don’t miss the next #SolarMOOC Lecture that will be presented by Sarah Raymer, Director of Education and Training Services.

April 10th, 12PM CT : NABCEP Review: Key Concepts for PV Installation Professional and PV Technical Sales Exams

This lecture will cover some key concepts that are required knowledge for both the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Exam and the NABCEP PV Technical Sales exam. More details coming soon!

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