Off-Grid to Grid-Tied Conversion w/Dr. Jeffery Lee Johnson of ToDo Solar, Mexico

Live Webinar: Thursday July 26th 2012, 6PM CDT

(4PM Pacific, 7PM Eastern)

SolPowerPeople is pleased to announce a unique webinar “Off-Grid to Grid-tied Conversion”made possible by a relationship with solar expert, engineer, and installer Dr. Jeffery Lee Johnson of ToDo Solar in Mexico.

off-grid to grid-tied conversion

Jeffery is faced with a very interesting system design dilemma, and he will present his solution in an interactive #SolarMOOC lecture this Thursday, July 26th 2012.

The condition is:

  • There is an elementary school opening in a new private development on August 15th.
  • The school wants to go solar.
  • Right now only 4 classrooms of 12 are completed.
  • The utility company cannot connect the zone in which the school is located to an electrical supply for another 3 or 4 months.

Hence the school will be stuck without power, and they need help so they can get up and running right away.

Here are the requirements to solve for:
A) They initially needs an off-grid system.
B) That system must meet the highest safety standards because it is a school.
C) The system should be expandable in size to grow if needed.
D) In the future, the system needs to be grid connected and they will add more grid connected systems as the campus grows.
E) To offset the investment of the batteries, the system should be grid interactive so that in the end design the batteries can be used for more than just backup.

How can this problem be planned and solved with the least amount of investment with the maximum reuse of equipment?

Thank goodness Dr. Johnson knows what he knows and could help these good folks get going! In the upcoming #SolarMOOC lecture on Thursday July 26th, we will get a peak into the mind of a solar virtuoso as he shows us how he solved this puzzle.

Dr. Johnson has been an educator, a professor, and a consultant for government and industrial clients. He is currently the founder and CTO of TodoSolar (Spanish for “Everything Solar”). TodoSolar is a Mexican owned EPC company that designs and installs residential and commercial PV systems up to 500KW.  “We have installed numerous systems including the largest grid connected residential system in the country at 18.2KW.”

TodoSolar is now expanding across Mexico riding the wave of solar growth in this new market, with plans to expand into Chile and Costa Rica.

off-grid to grid-tied conversion

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