Off Grid Mobile Solar Trailer Design w/ René Geneva:

Take Your Solar Power Wherever You Roam


Off Grid Mobile Solar Trailer

The November 29th #SolarMOOC lecture with René Geneva was a blast- René shared her concept design, method, and inspiration for how to build a portable solar trailer that can be hauled behind your car, or perhaps your donkey or horse if you roll like a real cowboy.  There was a lot of discussion among participants, and knowledge shared during the live session via chat- various battery technologies, solar-hauling vehicle permitting, and grounding or portable solar are among a few of the topics that were discussed.

Below are a few resources, links and photos from this #SolarMOOC lecture, as were promised.

If there is anything we left out, or if you have any questions, please contact Sarah Raymer, SolPowerPeople Director of Education and Training Services, AKA MS. MOOC or René Geneva, Marketing Director and Off-grid specialist at Longhorn Solar.

Rene mentioned a website to get off-grid solar kits that can be modified to be portable rather easily.  Find it here

In discussion, René gave kudos to a gentleman, Fred Parry, a battery technical guru.

René: “Fred Parry is with Continental Batteries — be sure to tell him I sent ya.”

Ms. MOOC: “…and tell him it was in a #SolarMOOC lecture!”

Rene worked on a solar trailer for the Warp Tour. This is not that specific trailer, but an example of an earlier model.

Check out the video and desciption of the Solar Powered Trailer Stage the SL 250! Solar 250- Performance with style

Here is another cool portable solar project that René had a hand in- check it out! Take a Ride on GE’s Solar-Powered Carousel at SXSW


Creations and Inventions…

René’s tiny trailer, by René Geneva Designs.

This is a 185W Solyndra panel hooked up to a FM80 Charge Controller and a Morningstar SureSine 300 inverter.  The Solyndra panel comes in at 96V which is why the stepdown through the FM80 is necessary for such a teeny tiny system.  The batteries are Qty-2 6V Trojan L16-RE batteries.

Off Grid Mobile Solar Trailer

Solyndra, Solyndra… we can still love you!

Off Grid Mobile Solar Trailer

The Tour d’ Fat trailers were for Sustainable Waves- we talked about these during the lecture.

Sustainable Waves

We love this guy’s style! Image is from Reddit.

solar wheelchair

Thanks, René Geneva!!

Rene Geneva


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