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#SolarMOOC Newsletter: NEC2014 Article 690
Review of New Requirements

This #SolarMOOC Newsletter includes:
Lecture Video
Resource Links
50% discount for Holt products
Upcoming Training Announcements

On Thursday January 9th, we welcomed Mike Holt, Electrical Code Expert and professional educator trainer to present a lecture on New Requirements in the NEC2014 Article 690 for Solar PV Systems.  This was an incredible session that broke a new attendance record- 70 people were in the session learning from Mike, and many had questions that were addressed. We give our thanks to those who attended and to Mike- the NEC master who gave his time to help many people move forward in their understanding of this material that can seem daunting without a guru to walk you through it.

Thanks Mike, and thanks to our #SolarMOOC fans!  This collaborative effort is gaining speed and strength, thanks to out partipants and lecturers- Welcome to 2014!

Mike’s Lecture Video


50% Discount through Tuesday at 12PM CT on Mike Holt purchases! Go to MikeHolt.com to order, and use the discount code at checkout: SLRWEB or call to order: 1-800-NEC-CODE

Mike Holt Newsletter – Mike Holt’s Newsletter is a great educational resource that we’ve been following for a while. Sometimes it’s a quiz, sometimes an interesting article, and sometimes it’s a link to engaging industry forums.  Highly recommended: The Newsletter Archive where you can get a glimpse into what it’s all about, and then you can Subscribe and give it a try.

Holt’s Free Resources– On this page there are numerous goodies, but our current favorites are:

Verifying System Design – Check out Mike Holts previous lecture in which he reviews conductor and OCPD sizing.



South Africa Solar Training– Sean White, solar expert and ISPQ Certified Master Trainer, will be teaching a 40-hour solar PV Design and Installation course in Durban, Africa March 22nd – 26th. Click the title for full details.

SolPowerPeople and Ontility Training Partnership– Janet Hughes, SolPowerPeople’s Chief Operating Officer and ISPQ Certified Master Trainer, will be teaching a 40 hour Advanced NABCEP Prep Course in Houston, Texas January 13th – 17th- register now so you can be prepared for the April NABCEP PV Installation Professional ExamTM! Click the title for full details.


South Africa Course

Houston Texas Course

Upcoming #SolarMOOC:

Ryan Mayfield- Grounding in 2014 – Thursday February 13th, 2014 at 12PM NOON CT ( 10AM PT, 1PM ET)

Transformerless inverters, ungrounded systems, and new code requirements for grounding in the NEC2014

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