NABCEP PV Technical Sales Exam Prep Financial & Site Analysis

On Thursday, July 19 at 6pm CDT SolPowerPeople‘s President Cathy Redson presented “NABCEP PV Technical Sales Exam Prep Financial & Site Analysis” during a live webinar. Watch the recording and be sure to download the great resource document below.


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“Successful Solar Selling” – August 2, 2012

Successful selling of solar requires an understanding of the solar resource, electrical systems, rate structures, payback, rate increases, incentives, and more. Learn the fundamentals to solar selling in this one hour webinar presented by Jeff SpiesBusiness Development Manager for QuickMount PV, and the Secretary of NABCEP. Jeff was the editor of the NABCEP Technical PV Sales Resource Guide and has helped countless contractors and solar professionals understand the keys to effective and ethical solar sales.

NABCEP PV Technical Sales Exam Prep Financial & Site Analysis

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More Useful Resources

PVTS Resource Guide link:

This is an incredible study tool for preparing for the PVTS Exam. It is a MUST- if you haven’t studied this, you haven’t studies for the exam!

PVTS Job Task Analysis:

What do you need to know to pass the exam and work in the field? Here is NABCEP’s list of topics that are considered necessary to be successful.

SolarPro Articles:

Can We Land? Dec. 2009-2010

When doing site analysis, the information in this article will help you determine important technical considerations like how to connect with the utility grid.

CxLCULAT N- 3 phase current SolarPro article:

If this link doesn’t work for you, create a FREE account with SolarPro, sign in to their website, and try clicking it again.

This is another article that will help you to learn about technical aspects of interconnection with the utility grid.

Tax rebate info. site:

You can use this site to find out what rebates are available in a certain area.

NOAA {National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration} Website:

You can determine true south for any location with the tools available on this website. 

Link to Andy Black’s website:

Andy Black Article- Payback on Solar:

The ultimate resource for assistance with understanding financial analysis . Andy Black lays it out in a way that is concise and elegant.

NABCEP PV Technical Sales Exam

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