NABCEP PV Installer™ Exam Prep #SolarMOOC

#SolarMOOC Newsletter March 03, 2012




#SolarMOOC is a 23-day structured online course providing guidance and practice for candidates planning to take the NABCEP PV Installer™ Certification Exam. The format features:

1. Guest lecturers twice a week (Monday and Thursday 6PM CST).

2. Daily newsletter with aggregated content from around the web.

3. We will provide blog entries on Tuesday mornings and Saturday mornings that include:

a. Practice problems and study exercises

b. Reading assignments

c. Links to resources

d. Guidance and tips from Instructors

4. A forum for discussion and collaboration between participants

5. A “myideamap” that identifies high value resources through multiple references in the JTA.  Nodes in the “ideamap” are live links to each resource (actual websites, documents, images or graphic files, etc.)

*Note: Nodes in the “ideamap” are live links to each resource (actual websites, documents, images or graphic files, etc.)



Problems that are posted are to be solved through the formation of collaborative groups facilitated through the forum. Participants enter the forum through a social media account to post ideas about problems, suggestions or questions encouraging feedback, and to foster connections with other participants. As solutions are developed, they are shared with the group. Any constructive feedback or direction between participants is welcome and should be made public so that everyone can benefit from the “new perspective”.



The NABCEP PV Installer™ Exam Prep #SolarMOOC is targeted at candidates who have been accepted and registered for the NABCEP PV Installer™ Certification Exam. Content presented, reading assignments, and practice problems will be at an advanced level. Anyone may enroll in the MOOC, participate in discussions, join clusters of participants as they naturally form over the term of the course.



The #SolarMOOC will run from Thursday March 1 to Friday, March 23, 2012. The initial live online session was at 6:00 p.m. U.S. – Central Standard Time. Moving forward, there will be Monday and Thursday evening sessions, always starting at 6:00 p.m. CST. The following is a schedule of the dates and topics to be covered.


  • Topic


3/1/12 (Thursday):

  • What is a MOOC?
  • Class Format
  • Initial Assignment
  • 23 Days and Counting:  Getting A Game Plan


3/5/12 (Monday)   

  • Verifying the System Design


3/8/12 (Thursday)  

  • Verifying the System Design (wrap-up)
  • Project Management


3/12/12 (Monday)  

  • Installing Electrical Components


3/15/12 (Thursday) 

  • Installing Mechanical Components


3/19/12 (Monday)    

  • Complete the System Installation


3/22/12 (Thursday)   

  • Conducting Maintenance and Troubleshooting Activities


3/23/12 (Friday)    

  • Words of Wisdom…..
  • Test-taking Strategies




Richard Stovall

Lead Instructor

SolPowerPeople, Inc.

Cathy Redson

Curriculum Specialist

SolPowerPeople, Inc.

Ryan Doty                                                      

Technology & Media

SolPowerPeople, Inc.


NABCEP Solar PV Installer



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