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Solar Massive Open Online Course

We at SolPowerPeople want to thank you for participating in our first #SolarMOOC Lecture!

We are very excited that you’re embracing the opportunity to be a part of the future of education with us – FREE Online Solar Training! This is the first MOOC ever of its kind. It is designed specifically to assist you – the willing student who desires assistance on preparing to take the NABCEP Solar PV Installer Exam ™.

Please accept our sincere apology for the technical difficulties we had with getting the presentation started.  We are currently working on reproducing the segments that were disrupted by these issues.

Everyone interested will be able to view our reproduced presentation on our blog shortly. In the future, we will be providing a recording of our presentations and lectures directly after the #SOLARMOOC event.

Whether you were with us through our first presentation or you are just joining us, it will greatly help you succeed if you do the following:

Here are your assignments!

1-Social Media- Start Socializing!
Start TWEETING.  Always attach the hashtag “#SolarMOOC” to each tweet by mentioning it in your post or tweet.

Get a social media account, preferably Twitter, and start some conversations by commenting and asking questions.

Once you have your social media account then go to the forum page on, sign into the forum, and post a question or two in the “Post Questions Here” Post in the “#SolarMOOC” Forum.

Twitter is great because it will allow us to find all of your comments and questions and pull them together in one beautiful bundle of information to guide us in our presentations to come as well as to build a base of information for all to use as a study reference.  The best thing about a MOOC is the way that it encourages a community to grow around a central topic. In order for this to function most effectively, everyone must participate by communicating with one another via these social media venues.  Any social media like Facebook, Linked In , or Twitter will get you connected to one another, so just start posting and communicating to make the MOOC grow, just be sure the use the #SolarMOOC hashtag with your posts/tweets.

2- Read a little:
If you haven’t read the NABCEP Solar PV Installer ™ Resource Guide 2011, give it a go.  If you can not get through the entire document, at least give it a quick run through so you will be familiar with the concepts to be presented in the upcoming presentations. It’s a lot to get through, but it’s worth it.
You can download it off of the NABCEP website:

We will post another blog entry that includes access to the video recording from tonight, and problems/exercises related to topic domain #1 from the JTA:  Verifying System Design.

Congratulations! You are officially part of a great adventure- the SolPowerPeople #SolarMOOC!

free online solar training

Sarah Raymer
Director of Education and Training Services
SolPowerPeople, Inc.

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