NABCEP Exam Strategies

The infamous NABCEP PV Installer Exam!

Here’s a video of Cathy and Richard providing some last minute NABCEP exam strategies.

NABCEP Exam Strategies


Bonus: Here’s a webinar with Richard, Ryan, and Sarah that covers conduit expansion joints.

Conduit Expansion Joints

Here’s the instructions for installing Carlon expansion fittings:

Carlon Conduit Expansion Joint Installation Instructions

Additional random points to help you on the test:

1.  If you open a combiner box and see red and black conductors you are likely dealing with an ungrounded PV array. Remember, per NEC grounded conductors are required to be white or grey… ground-ING  conductors are required to be bare, or green, or green with yellow stripes… and ungrounded conductors can be any other color (often determined by the AHJ).  So a black and red conductors in a combiner box would likely be indicative of an ungrounded pv array.

2.  When utilizing a ladder doing electrical work it is required that you use a ladder that has non-conductive siderails.  This could be fiberglass or wood.  It is never okay to paint a ladder because it may hide some defect that could make the ladder unsafe.

3.  Be sure to READ this article from Rebekah Hren (even if it’s the last thing you do before the test):

Code Red: Notable Changes in the 2011 NEC

4.  Good Luck!!

NABCEP Exam Strategies

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