NABCEP Changes in an Evolving PV Industry

with Ezra Auerbach, Executive Director of NABCEP

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On Thursday January 17th, Executive Director of NABCEP Ezra Auerbach presented “NABCEP Changes in an Evolving PV Industry”.  In this lecture, we took a look at the steps that lead to becoming certified, the levels of certification that are available and what they mean, the value in being certified, and what changes we may expect to see in NABCEP as the industry evolves.

Ezra left us with a few study tips for those who are looking to take the newly named NABCEP  “Photovoltaic Installations Professional ” exam (TM)- which could be considered pretty valuable inside information:

 First: Review the Job Task Analysis that is now in the NABCEP PV Installer Resource Guide version 5.3 (TM), paying special attention to those that are marked as Critical, and be brutally critical as to what sections you have questions about.  Get to know these sections.

Second: Review the NABCEP PVI Resource Guide (TM) and know it.

Third: Review the resources on the NABCEP Resources page.

When asked about the fact that some of these resources are a little old, Ezra informed us that when it comes to building the exam and checking question accuracy, these resources are referred to by the folks who create the exam.  So even though they are dated- they are good to be familiar with.  Just know that there are some changes that have occurred because of updates in the 2011 NFPA National Electric Code (TM).

NABCEP website and pages to visit: the NABCEP home page

NABCEP deadlines:  The deadlines are enforced strictly, so get ready early- the process is pretty deeply engaging.

NABCEP Installer Resource Guide (TM): Download your copy with this link. This is a great resource study guide for all levels of solar PV installation.

NABCEP Resources Page: Here is where you will find a plethora material to get yourself ready for the exam!

If you are interested in getting some Continuing Education training credits and your free to attend the PV America East Conference February 5th – 7th 2013

Registration is still open!

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