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The purpose of this tool is to provide a live-link clickable index to the secondary resources of the NABCEP PV Installer Resource Guide.  The only references listed in the tool are only those that contain links to publicly available web-based resources, such as articles from Home Power Magazine, SolarPro Magazine, and others.  With regards to SolarPro magazine, the links are live and will take you to the article, but only after you’ve logged into your SolarPro account.  SolarPro accounts and subscriptions are free and available to anyone who signs up. Other secondary resources provided by the Resource Guide that are not publicly accessible or readily available are not included with this tool.

This tool is brought to you through a partnership between and SolPowerPeople.  SolPowerPeople would like to thank Ron Newman, owner of for his excellent work in bringing this tool to life.  SolPowerPeople would also like to thank NABCEP, the Resource Guide authors, Jim Dunlop and Bill Brooks, and the NABCEP technical committee responsible for identifying the secondary resources for their efforts and contributions.  Please direct any comments or suggestions to Sarah Raymer, Director of Training for SolPowerPeople.  Sarah is the creator of these maps and will be responsible for any maintenance or enhancements.

* Note, that on the highest-level map, the “(C)” indicates “critical”, the “(I)” indicates “important, and the “(U)” indicates “useful”.  Clicking on a “tunnel” brings you to its respective map.

NABCEP PV Installer Resource Guide



“SolPowerPeople is just the sort of organization with which IdeaTree is proud to be associated: doing good for the world.” – Ron Newman

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