#SolarMOOC Newsletter – March 02, 2012

Here is the first video from Monday night’s first #SolarMOOC lecture plus a PDF copy of the NEC 2011 and the materials gathered from the various blogs and tweets with the hashtag #SolarMOOC.

(Cathy Redson’s lecture “The Game Plan” and the course outline will be posted tomorrow)


SolPowerPeople CEO Richard Stovall Lecture

“MOOC Mechanics”


Valuable Links

NEC 2011 FREE Electronic Copy

*Note: The first 5 or so pages is all legalese from the state of Oregon.  After that it is all NEC and FREE!!!


Blog & Forum Posts

Mike Holt’s Forum

Free Online Nabcep Exam Prep Course – #SolarMOOC – *Note: you must have an account (free) to access forum – it’s well worth it!


#SolarMOOC – Some sample questions for the NABCEP PV Installer Exam

Last nights first #SolarMOOC Live Webinar Lecture

Free Online NABCEP Exam Prep Course – #SolarMOOC



#SolarMOOC kick-off party

NABCEP exam preperation-#SolarMOOC madness


Texas Solar Energy Society

SolPowerPeople announces free online NABCEP prep class

NEC 2011

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