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SolPowerPeople is an ISPQ Accredited Continuing Education Provider and NABCEP PV Entry Level Exam Provider
based out of Austin, TX. The SolPowerPeople, Inc. Mobile Solar Training Lab provides hands on PV technology,
PV design, and PV installation labs anywhere, anytime, for an applied, authentic PV training experience.

solar mobile training lab

The Mobile Solar Training Lab is innovative and exceeds most mobile solar training that provides installation of
equipment but often the system cannot be powered on because connection to the grid requires installation of proper
plugs, dedicated circuits, as well as permitting and approval from local authorities having jurisdiction.

The SolPowerPeople Mobile Solar Training Lab eliminates these barriers.

solar mobile training lab

Outfitted from a retrofitted 2008 Dodge Sprinter, participants install and commission three fully-functional solar PV installations.

solar mobile training lab

  • First, a stand-alone micro grid is established incorporating a PV array, a 24V battery bank, and an AC coupled true sine wave bimodal inverter outputting at 240 volts.
  • Next, participants install a second PV array, with a series string of 24V nominal PV modules in a grid-tied string inverter PV installation. The string inverter senses the grid from the 240V bimodal inverter and a full commissioning procedure is completed.
  • The third installation involves a micro inverter PV system that is coupled in to the existing configuration. Diversionary loads provide a way for current to be consumed preventing the bimodal system disconnecting the grid.

solar mobile training lab

This innovative lab is the only one of its kind offered by a mobile solar training company. In addition to the installation
lab, SolPowerPeople’s blended SPV2000 / SPV3000 Accelerated PV Design & Installation Workshop also includes a module
engineering and performance lab, and asite assessment hands on lab.

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mobile solar training lab

mobile solar training lab
mobile solar training lab

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