Managing the Project: A Federal Project Post-Mortem

Daniel Dus

It is most desirable when learning about a specific topic, especially a technical one like solar photovoltaics, to have a real example to refer to, analyze, and learn from. As the proverb goes: “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.

In an effort to come as close to this as possible while remaining web-based and world-wide, infinitely available to anyone including aliens that may pick up the signal, we pursue the knowledge of Solar PV through Web-Ex.

Thursday evening we will attempt to relocate our minds within the realm of this virtual network by reliving a project that has been completed and analyzing the circumstances that were encountered on the job site.  By doing this, we hope to be able to better prepare ourselves for the inevitable : Project management issues.

Daniel Dus of Martifer Solar will be with us to present this topic: the post-mortem on a federal project completed last year by Martifer Solar, issues faced on site, and how project managers can best address these issues to avoid future risks and promote best practices.

Daniel Dus, Chief Operating Officer at Martifer Solar, has had an active hand in the growth of over 45 MW of solar energy– that’s a lot of POWER!! Daniel is a certified solar designer through Solar Energy International and SUNY, and has an MBA with a focus in entrepreneurship with advanced certificates in Renewablre Energy, six sigma, and project management from Drexel, Villanova, and Stanford. SolPowerPeople is proud to announce his presentation as guest lecturer on Thursday June 14th at 6pm CDT: NABCEP topic Managing the Project: A Federal Project Post-Mortem.

As a #SolarMOOC participant, check your email for your invitation Wednesday. If you have any questions or do not have an invite by Thursday afternoon, email

Learn more about Martifer Solar by click the logo below.

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managing the project

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