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off-gridThursday, October 18, 2012

Join SolPowerPeople and Kenny Grigar, the off-grid guru, on October 18th, 2012 for a view into the world of off-grid living with solar- it’s benefits, limitations, undeniable appeal and rugged simplicity. Free Live Webinar @ 4PM Pacific, 6PM Central, and 7PM Eastern

Kenny Grigar is well-known among the Austin,TX solar PV community and is the “go-to guy” with issues and challenges regarding off-grid and bimodal PV installations.  His colorful life and personality make him as interesting and entertaining as he is knowledgeable. As one who has lived with off-grid systems for most of his life, he is a great resource for those of us who want to know what it’s really like, how to make it work, and most of all- how nice it feels to be self-powered and sustainable.

Kenny has extensive knowledge about how to get maximum performance and system life from off-grid PV system components, but he also knows how to live with an off-grid system.  The ultimate success story lies here.  By living and working with off-grid systems, he has immersed himself in a way of life many of us, or at least a few of us, crave deep in our hearts.  If it isn’t a desire, those reading this must at least admit that it is a curiosity… you may ask yourself: “How big of an off grid system do I need so I can watch my Sunday night TV shows and have toast and eggs Monday morning?” or “Will the kids be able to play the Wii while I get in a little time on the treadmill?” or “How big of a battery bank do I need to power one light bulb for 7 hours and an alarm clock radio?” The answer is…. let’s ask Kenny!

This weeks webinar will be an adventure with Kenny through off-grid living with solar, the ins and outs of managing the the low-plug way of life, and maintaining an off grid system.

#SolarMOOC participants will receive an invite to join this webinar.

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