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Key Concept Review for NABCEP PV Exams

#SolarMOOC Lecture for April 10th, 2014

Presented by: Sarah Raymer, Director of Education and Training at SolPowerPeople, NABCEP PV Installation Professional #042013-107


Lecture Video:

Lecture Slides:


The slides above are accessible through the SolPowerPeople Slideshare account.

If you are looking for assistance studying- please take a look at this Slideshare page where you will find slide sets on topics such as:

    • Need to Know Formulas for NABCEP Exams
    • Site Assessment
    • Trigonometry / Using SOH CAH TOA ( sine, cosine and tangent formulas)
    • Voltage drop

A message for those preparing for any NABCEP exam:

First of all- if you are thinking of getting NABCEP certified- this is an ABSOLUTE MUST READ: Candidate Certification Handbook. 

If you have not become familiar with the NABCEP.org website, it is advised that you do so.  On this website, you will find guidance on what you need to know in order to work towards certification, including what you need to do to qualify to take the exam, and references for how to prepare for the exam.

 An incredibly important document under each certification category is the JTA (Job Task Analysis). The JTA documents give a fairly comprehensive list of things that you need to be comfortable with for each exam.

Also- the Resource Guides… Although the resource guides are not all inclusive by any means as a resource for studying, they provide a review of a lot of need-to-know concepts and offer a list of resources that should be taken into consideration and reviewed by those preparing to sit for the exams.

NABCEP page where you can find the PV Technical Sales Resource Guide download link.

NABCEP PV Installation Professional Resource Guide – oddly enough I could not locate this on the NABCEP website so I googled it.  Notice the resources provided at the end (starting on pdf page 124).

Lastly- MyIdeaTree resource:

Our MyIdeaTree map takes the PVIP ( PV Installation Professional) JTA topics which are listed as Critical, Important, or Useful- and provides resources for them as such. So if you want to read about the Critical topics, go to the MyIdeaTree pages that are marked as Critical, then click on the topic you need help with.   VIOLA!- a resource where you can read about it is provided. There is not a resource for every single topic, but there are resources for many of them. If you are using the MyIdeaTree map and you have a resource that should be added- please Contact Us and let us know so we can improve this resource for everyone.



#SolarMOOC page

Don’t miss another chance for free solar training.

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