Jim KirbyJim Kirby (Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing)

#SolarMOOC Lecture: Best Practices for Installing Solar PV on Steep-Slope Roofs – May 09, 2013
#SolarMOOC Lecture: Best Practices for Installing Solar PV on Low-Slope Roofs – May 23, 2013

Jim KirbyAs Vice President of Sustainability for the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing, Jim Kirby is playing an active role to help move the rooftop PV industry forward. The Center of Environmental Innovation in Roofing is a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) organization that serves as a forum to draw together the entire roofing industry to the common cause of raising public awareness of the strategic value of our nation’s roofs in reducing energy consumption, mitigating environmental impact and enhancing the quality of the buildings in which we live and work.  They aren’t just concerned with roofing, but are directly connected with fostering a bond with the PV sector to embrace positive growth in both roofing and solar energy production.

Jim KirbyThe Center PV Taskforce is the arm of the beast which exists to bridge the gap between the roofing and PV industries with the aim to drive higher quality PV systems through an embrace of best practices and industry standards.

Jim Kirby has also helped to initiate RoofPoint, a voluntary consensus based green rating system for roofs that provides a means for building owners and designers to select non residential roof systems based on long-term energy and environmental benefits.

Kirby has expertise in roof system design and construction, weatherproofing and energy-efficiency of the building envelope, and rooftop PV systems.  His responsibilities include serving as liaison for the Center’s PV taskforce, representing the roofing industry at sustainability-focused events, and presenting sustainability-based technical information to roofing and other construction trades within the US and internationally.

Jim KirbyKirby holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Studies and a Master’s degree in Architecture (structures option) from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  He recently received his Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Design and Construction from Boston Architectural College, and he is also an accredited Green Roofing Professional.

Kirby is a frequent presenter and contributing author to the roofing, energy-efficiency and solar industries.  He has given numerous presentations, educational seminars and webinars to industry-related associations and construction-affiliated groups.  Kirby also is an annual guest lecturer at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

Watch Jim Kirby’s lectures HERE:

Best Practices for Installing Solar PV on Steep-slope Roofs
Best Practices for Installing Solar PV on Low-Slope Roofs

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