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#SolarMOOC Lecture: Successful Solar Business – July 05, 2012
#SolarMOOC Lecture: Successful Solar Selling – August 02, 2012
#SolarMOOC Lecture: Codes & Standards – April 11, 2013

Jeff Spies is the Business Development manager at Quick Mount PV, serves as Secretary for NABCEP, and works as a trainer for Solar Energy International – the largest and oldest solar training organization in North America. He is an experienced speaker having conducted training workshops at many major solar industry trade shows including : Intersolar, Solar Power International, PV America, the American Solar Energy Society Conferences, and the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair.

The “Successful Solar Business” lecture helps contractors and green job seekers learn the fundamentals of solar business, review the business practices that have helped many contractors succeed, and identify and avoid the traps that often sink new solar businesses. This one hour webinar will touch on topics including solar industry and market overview, technologies, products, training, certification, system design/installation, financial considerations including incentives and system payback calculations cost and profitability, the best industry resources, and other secrets to solar success.

Successful selling of solar requires an understanding of the solar resource, electrical systems, rate structures, payback, rate increases, incentives, and more. Learn the fundamentals to solar selling in this one hour lecture presented by Jeff Spies. Jeff was the editor of the NABCEP Technical PV Sales Resource Guide and has helped countless contractors and solar professionals understand the keys to effective and ethical solar sales.

Watch Jeff’s Lectures Here:

Successful Solar Business
Successful Solar Selling
Codes & Standards

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