SPV101e: Introduction to Solar Energy (Part 1)
solar energy

Course Description

This short (1 hour) introductory course provides a basic overview of solar energy: defining what solar energy is and an overview of the history of solar energy. Course content addresses foundational knowledge and is intended for anyone with no prior solar experience or education. Participants must complete each task within both lessons: view video presentations, read provided literature, review resources, and successfully pass the quizzes in order to receive a Certificate of Completion.


Learning Objectives

Successful completers of this course will be able to:

1      Explain what solar energy is and describe the different types of energy available from solar radiation.

2      Discuss in detail the history of solar energy.


Student Experience and Knowledge Assumptions 

This introductory, foundations course assumes no prior experience or knowledge with respect to solar energy systems. It is assumed that participants can read at a 5th grade reading level.


Enrollment Options and Procedure

solar energy

This course is offered free of charge and may be completed at your own pace. Create a free Schoology Student account (if you don’t have one already) by clicking on the button above.

  • Sign up for a FREE Student Account

  • Enter the access code: W2DVD-JXD3N

  • Create your account (you can connect your social media accounts)

  • Click on the Courses menu at the top

  • Click on the Course Title and begin with Lesson 1 Presentation

Certificates of Completion will be issued digitally to all who successfully complete all required materials and obtain passing scores on the quizzes.

Any and all questions may be emailed to info@solpowerpeople.com or through the Schoology site. Student interaction is encouraged through social media and on the Schoology course board.

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