Installing the Electrical Components

#SolarMOOC Content Domain #3 Reading List


  1. Photovolatic Power Systems and the 2005 National Electric Code: Suggested Practices, John Wiles, Electronic Version 11/26/08 Download the PDF Here


SolarPro Magazine Articles

PV Installation and NEC Code

  1. Dec/Jan 2012, Issue 5.1 Quality Assurance: NEC Article 705.12 and Utility Interconnections
  2. April/May 2011, Issue 4.3, Code Red: Notable Changes in the 2011 NEC
  3. April/May 2011, Issue 4.3 Quality Assurance: Code Compliant Conductor Sizing
  4. April/May 2011, Issue 4.3 Quality Assurance: The New NEC Requirement 690.16(B) Fuse Servicing Requirements for Combiner Boxes
  5. Feb/Mar 2011, Issue 4.2, DC Combiners Revisited
  6. Feb/Mar 2011, Issue 4.2, The Bakersfield Fire Revisited
  7. Oct/Nov 2010, Issue 3.6, Array Voltage Considerations
  8. Aug/Sept 2010, Issue 3.5, Quality Assurance: Residential Supply Side Interconnection
  9. Dec/Jan 2010, Issue 3.1, Calculating 3-Phase Line Currents
  10. Dec/Jan 2010, Issue 3.1, Common Residential PV System Code Violations
  11. Aug/Sept 2009, Issue 2.5, PV System Ground Faults
  12. June/July 2009, Issue 2.4, Can We Land? Means & Methods of PV System Utility Interconnection
  13. April/May 2009, Issue 2.3, Putting it All Together: Strategies for Making Common Connections in PV Power Circuits


Safety & Safety Planning – critical

  1. Oct/Nov 2011, Issue 4.6 Quality Assurance: PV Installation Hazards & Mitigation
  1. Oct/Nov 2011, Issue 4.6, Implementing a Successful Safety Program


Code Corner Articles

John Wiles Series that from Home Power Magazine is priceless. Visit his website to download ALL of them and read.

More than any section of the JTA, this content area will take you far and wide into the NEC Codebook where it is critical that you know where to look up information and be able to cross-reference areas in multiple sections.


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