Increase the Power of Your Rooftop Mounted Solar PV System

A #SolarMOOC Lecture Featuring EPOX-Z’s Anthony Camarota

Monday, June 4th  SolPowerPeople, Inc. is excited to host guest lecturer Anthony Camarota for the #SolarMOOC FREE Live Webinar on Monday, June 4th at 6pm CDT. Mr. Camarota will be lecturing on his enhanced cool roof coating solution for solar PV: EPOX-Z. This is a great solution to help increase the performance of your rooftop mounted solar PV array by keeping it cool in warmer temperatures.

Rooftop Mounted Solar PV

Anthony Camarota is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of EPOX-Z Corporation. As a leader in the field of polymer science, Mr. Camarota holds multiple patents in resin technologies and is the inventor of EPOX-Z’s high performance coatings.

A two time recipient of the prestigious Frost and Sullivan Product Innovation Award for resin technologies, Mr. Camarota is a former Massachusetts “Businessman of the Year” and a recognized authority on small business development, appearing and testifying before the US Congress on enabling SBIR legislation.

Tony has many accomplishments in his industry. He is a recognized global authority on Cool Roofing and Energy Efficiency and is a National Member USGBC. He is the author of AIA Continuing Education Course “Cool Roof 101”, and a keynote speaker at the International Workshop on Advances In Cool Roof Technologies. Tony has been hosted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in July 2011, and has been a Panelist Con Edison Energy Summit: Modernization of the Building Envelope Through Energy Efficiency.

Mr. Camarota is a member of the New Jersey Clean Energy Committee, and the Global Superior Energy Performance Partnershipan. He is an advisor to the Global Cool Cities Alliance, and to Dr. Art Rosenfeld and LBNL Heat Island Group.
A graduate of Northeastern University, Mr. Camarota has more than 30 years of experience in the polymer field having been associated with a number of specialty materials companies in various capacities.
Sign up for the #SolarMOOC and you’ll be invited to Anthony Camarota’s FREE webinar on Monday, June 4th at 6pm CDT. 

The EPOX-Z Effect

High Performance Coatings

Rooftop Mounted Solar PV

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