I-V Curves and PV Array Performance Testing with Paul Hernday

Easing commissioning, troubleshooting, and increasing ROI with advanced I-V curve tracing technology

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Live Webinar October 25, 2012 @ 4PM Pacific, 6PM Central, 7PM Eastern Performance is a top priority for any PV system owner or investor- the more energy produced, the better the return on investment. The industry shift to performance-based incentives adds more motivation. In this context, fast, reliable, and detailed measurements of performance have become increasingly important and valuable.

I-V curve tracing measures PV current and voltage in swept fashion, tracing out the entire load curve. Like any PV performance measurement, it also requires paying close attention to the environmental factors – irradiance and temperature – during both the measurement and the data analysis.
This Thursday, the #SolarMOOC webinar will welcome Paul Hernday of Solmetric to present I-V Curves and PV Array Performance Testing.  This webinar explores the use of curve tracing in PV field applications.


Topics that will be covered include:

  • A review of solar cell principles and I-V curves
  • An introduction to I-V curve measurement technology
  • Processes for PV array commissioning and troubleshooting
  • Analyzing and reporting I-V measurement results
  • A brief introduction to the Solmetric PV Analyzer

Paul Hernday is Senior Applications Engineer with Solmetric, www.solmetric.com, a leading US producer of shade analysis and array performance testing equipment, as well as PV system design software. Paul focuses primarily on PV array performance testing and troubleshooting. His background includes the development of microwave and optical fiber test equipment at HP and Agilent Technologies, design and installation of PV systems, and contributing to the development of the Solmetric I-V curve tracer for PV field applications. Paul provides training on PV performance measurement at industry workshops and train-the-trainer sessions. He can be reached directly at paul@solmetric.com.

As a #SolarMOOC participant, you will receive an invite to attend this webinar live. Check your email in the coming days!

pv array

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