Grounding and Bonding a Solar PV System

Below you will find the recorded lecture “Grounding and Bonding a Solar PV System” with Ryan Mayfield, along with online references and example questions and answers from the NABCEP 2009 study guide, version 4.2.

Grounding and Bonding a Solar PV System

Download a copy of Ryan’s PowerPoint presentation here:

Grounding and Bonding PowerPoint

Online Resources

John Wiles used to write the code corner articles for HomePower magazine, and his Photovoltaic Power Systems and the 2005 National Electric Code Suggested Practices is a great resource. Be wary of the potential for changes between the 2005 ad 2011 code regualtions.

(Page 30 of the PDF file is on grounding)

Google: “john wiles suggested practices 2007” The link can not be copied, but you can type this into Google and get a link to the updated PDF.

Code Red: Notable Changes to the NEC from SolarPro by Rebekah Rhen and Brian Mehalic offers some information on changes that were made in the NEC2011 that should be noted.

The SolPowerPeople Webinar video with presenter Janet Hughes:

Janet reviewed Installing Electrical Components in the video posted to our YouTube channel on March 12th .

At 24:28 in the video Janet gives a good overview of grounding and common mistakes that are made as well as code requirements.

NABCEP™ 2009 Study Guide, Version 4.2

Example Questions and Answers

NABCEP website:

Download the complete study guide at:

Download a free copy of the NEC2011 at:

Grounding & Bonding a Solar PV System

Grounding & Bonding a Solar PV System
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Grounding & Bonding a Solar PV System
Grounding & Bonding a Solar PV System

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