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#SolarMOOC Lecture: DIY Solar: Pitfalls, Benefits, and How To’s – April 25, 2013

Gary Wolf has been a solar installer in Nashville, Tenn., since 2006 — an original installer for the first solar company in Tennessee and its first crew leader. NABCEP-certified since 2009, he established and taught a solar installer training program for a state vocational-educational school in 2010 and created his design and installation company, Sundog Solar Energy, in 2011. Gary is a Tennessee-licensed electrical contractor, but spent most of his adult life as a journalist and college professor, proving that just about anyone can learn to do solar — and even write a blog about it.

Gary is the rare solar contractor willing to work with do-it-yourselfers, though he encourages them to work with trained solar installers and licensed electricians to avoid common DIY pitfalls. He has also been studying solar development in Belize, so he’s familiar with needs and practices in developing areas, particularly with low-cost and off-grid installations.

As a member of the Tennessee Solar Energy Association Board of Directors, Gary developed a presentation for DIY solar based on his experiences with do-it-yourselfers and his observation of installations by professionals with no solar experience. His SolarMOOC webinar is an elaboration of that presentation, with the addition of an attempt to address basic solar needs and designs for developing nations, particularly in off-grid applications.

Watch his Lecture Here:

DIY Solar: Pitfalls, Benefits, and How To’s

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