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Solar PV Safety Training for Firefighters
A SolPowerPeople SPV911 Solar Safety Seminar Series

We celebrate advances in solar technology daily: increased efficiency of solar collectors, new developments in energy storage, cutting edge architecture incorporating solar into structural design, and much more. The solar sector grows exponentially each year and energy production becomes cleaner, greener, and more accessible to worldwide populations. As we celebrate the achievements of this noble industry, we must be aware of the big picture and how these quickly advancing technologies affect those at each level of their functionality.

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From creating a module and doing lab testing, to intensive training procedures for installers, we enforce safety with a vengeance. We must consider the need for safety training not only in the production and installation stages, but also for those brave individuals that take such matters into their hands by the nature of their work. It is well known that firefighters have an incredibly dangerous job, and it is the responsibility of the solar industry to do what we can to protect these great men and women from the dangers that may arise as technology advancements roll forward. By providing better safety training, we will create a stronger industry that is safer for everyone.

SolPowerPeople is proud to announce the SPV911 series– a group of courses that will bridge the gap between solar technology advancements and the much needed safety training for those brave individuals that deal with them when problems arise.

SPV911-1 Solar Systems and Firefighter Safety will be the first course in a line of training developments that will achieve this goal: to complete the spectrum of training and establish a wholistic approach to industry safety.

The upcoming sessions for SPV911-1 in Iowa is in partnership with the I-GREEN Learning Center and the Northeast Iowa Community College. This training is being provided for firefighters for FREE, funded through the State Energy Sector Partnership Grant.

Check out the schedule for SPV911-1 Solar Energy Systems & Fire Safety here:

SPV911-1 Schedule.

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