#SolarMOOC Lecture Featuring Ezra Auerbach, Executive Director of NABCEP

NEW NABCEP Policies Regarding Certification

Live Lecture with Ezra Auerbach Thursday January 17th

On Thursday, January 17, SolPowerPeople’s #SolarMOOC will feature Guest Lecturer Ezra Auerbach, Executive Director of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). This one-hour lecture, that begins at 6:00 p.m. (CST), will kick off this week’s topic with an update on new NABCEP policies regarding their certification programs, engage in a live discussion on the future of NABCEP and inform attendees on how the organization is evolving to meet the needs of the growing solar industry.

Ezra AuerbachIn the last 18 months, the price of solar equipment has dropped over 50%. When the final installed capacity tallies rare in, many have predicted that it was a banner year. And, we are about to hit the knee in the curve–between now and 2020, installed solar capacity in the U.S. is expected to grow from 4 GW to 34 GW. Assuming on average about 4.5 sun-hours per day across the U.S., and an average of 10 cents per kWh, that 34 GW will produce about 55,845 GWh/year, worth nearly $5.58 trillion per year. That is a LOT of installed solar, with the potential for even more. Across the country, PV is entering the mainstream right alongside a rebound in the construction industry as we emerge from the recession.

People, companies, and municipalities are taking a fresh look at solar, not only because they believe in it, but, it is now NOT too expensive, it is bankable, it is a hedge against rising electricity prices, and it is a non-polluting, reliable untapped source of domestic energy.

Clearly, this growth will also create career opportunities. People are asking, what do I need to know to get into the solar industry? Who will teach me?  And, where and when can I start working?

Since being founded in 1998, NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) has offered a foundation for training and credentialing workers in the field of renewable energy.  NABCEP’s board is comprised of solar practitioners and industry stakeholders with vast experience in the solar industry. NABCEP’s PV Installation Professional, PV Technical Sales, Solar Heating, and Small Wind Job Task Analyses have guided training providers, community colleges, and trade associations in creating curriculum and training programs to prepare the solar professional workforce. Twice per year, NABCEP offers Certification Exams based on these Job Task Analyses.

Achieving NABCEP Certification has become the “gold standard” credential for individuals and companies signifying to customers and industry colleagues that they possess extensive knowledge and experience in selling, designing, and installing solar and renewable energy systems. In order to better align themselves with the roles and experience opportunities in the solar industry, NABCEP recently modified the PV Installation Professional Exam eligibility requirements and Job Task Analysis (JTA).  Many people have questions regarding these changes.

In March, 2013, NABCEP’s Second Annual Continuing Education Conference offers an opportunity to gain CEUs (continuing education credits) for those needing credits to apply toward certification. For more information, or to register for the conference, click here.

The #SolarMOOC, with over 2,500 participants from over 80 countries connects solar practitioners, policy makers, manufacturers, and other industry stakeholders through education in a free online collaborative platform. As a #SolarMOOC Participant you receive an invitation to join this lecture. For more information, or to contact us about being a featured lecturer, call Sarah Raymer (855) 765-7693, ext. 703. To join this lecture only, register and join here with the password 9999.



*Important Dates for 2013 NABCEP Solar PV, Heating and Technical Sales Exams*

Spring 2013

February 1, 2013: Application deadline for all NABCEP Certification Exams

March 8, 2013: Exam Scheduling deadline for accepted candidates

April 20, 2013: Exam date for NABCEP Certifications


Fall 2013

August 2, 2013: Application deadline for all NABCEP Certification Exams

September 6, 2013: Exam Scheduling  deadline for accepted candidates

October 19, 2013: Exam date for NABCEP Certifications

For more information on NABCEP Certifications visit: NABCEP

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