Energy Storage Systems with Kelly Larson

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There is an example towards the end of the Energy Storage Systems lecture that Kelly wanted to clarify:

How long will it take for a 220 AH C/20 battery to reach 70% state of charge?

What is the DOD of the batteries?

How many amps can you charge with?

Example: DOD = 30%, 60A Charger

70 – 30 = 40%

220 Ah x 40% = 88Ah

88Ah/60A = 1.46 hours


 NABCEP Exam Prep Guidance/Articles:

Power Conditioning Equipment for Residential Battery Backup PV Systems by Paul Dailey and Joe Schwartz, Feb/March 2013, SolarPro Issue 6.2


Sizing a Grid Tied PV System… with Battery Back Up by Flint Richter, HomePower Magazine


Designing a Stand Alone System by Khanti Munroe, HomePower Magazine



Solar Journey USA: 3200 Miles, Powered by the Sun:

“how to design and build a solar battery charger”

This is a pretty awesome article on how to design and build a small battery charging solar PV system.


The ultimate off grid design:  Check out this inspiring video of a young boy inventor who uses solar, a battery, and the guts of a motorcycle blinker to scare away lions and save his village’s animals.

TED Talk: Richard Turere: My invention that made peace with lions


Kelly Larson is an educator for Solar Energy International (SEI).  They offer in person as well as online courses including a free course: Introduction to Renewable Energy.

This course is offers an introduction to renewable energy: “including where it is found, how we can harvest it for use in our homes and how it can help ease pressures on the environment.” (

energy storage systems

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