Dispelling Solar Myths

The Truth About Solar w/ David Dixon, Native CTO



The Value of Distributed Photovoltaics to Austin Energy and the City of Austin–  The final report from Clean Power Research – a study on the value of distributed solar to a local community (Austin, TX), and how much it is worth monetarily to the utility

Residential Rate Design–  Examples of Value of Solar rate design, net metering vs. value of solar approach, and payback period examples/charts

Hurricane Sandy vs. Katrina Infographic Examines Destruction From Both Storms

Summary of Estimated Water Use in the United States

Check here for an example of water usage from a CPV power plant discussed in a previous #SolarMOOC

America’s Water Risk: Water Stress and Climate Variability White Paper

New Report Reveals The Ten U.S. Areas Facing The Highest Climate-Related Risk Of Water Shortage – Study points to risk in nation’s capital, New York City, America’s breadbasket and 46 states

Apple’s Environmental Progress – setting an example of innovation and smart economics

New Report: Solar Energy Reduces Military Costs, Boosts Security, Saves Lives

McKinsey and Company: Solar Power’s Next Shining

Are Solar Panels Worth It In Hawaii? (Infographic) 

California Solar Statistics

Palo Alto Goes Solar, 80 Megawatts at 6.9 Cents per Kilowatt-Hour


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