Dispelling Solar Myths

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The Truth about Solar with David Dixon, Native CTO 

On July 12th 2013,  David Dixon, Native CTO, shared an incredible lecture on Dispelling Solar Myths that was packed full of interesting information that the entire world needs to know.  The thing is, solar has often gotten a bad rap from those who have presented it as ‘inherently flawed’, inefficient, or unreliable. Are these things true? Of course not, but the media will often tell you something different.  Whether they are themselves confused, or whether they are paid to do so, nobody knows except them.  The fact remains- it is our responsibility to be informed, and to find the truth about solar.

In this lecture, David discussed many key facts and fallacies, offering up a fresh look at how many ideas about soalr that have traveled down the grapevine to the general public are frankly not true.

Whether you are thinking about getting solar for your own, investing, or just trying to decide what you think about solar-  watch and share this video and the facts therein so you can have the full story.

It’s essential that the truth about solar is revealed, shared, and amplified out through the public by each of us- what is available to see on TV, the internet, or to be read in the newspapers and magazines- it is often unclear and unfortunately skewed.

Of course, we are biased- we love solar.  That’s because we love our planet, we love free and clean energy and the freedom it gives us, we love smart investments, we love clean rivers and air, we love beautiful technological advancements and we love the sun.

If you don’t love these things- maybe you’re reading the wrong blog.

Click here to Watch the recorded Dispelling Solar Myths lecture on YouTube.  

071213 david-dixon-native-principal1-300x300

David Dixon

Native, CTO

Solar Dude Extraordinaire

PSST… Register for our next lecture here: Reduce Soft Costs by Designing for Installation w/ Anthony Regino, CDI

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