Custom Solar Modules and Operation

Discover How Innovative Versatile Design Powers Possibility

Lecturer: Charles Liu,
President and Owner of Everbright Solar

Custom Solar Modules and Operation

Charles Liu’s slide presentation: 

Custom Solar Modules

Click the above image to view and Charles’s lecture presentation. 

On January 3, 2012 Charles Liu presented a lecture on Custom Solar Modules and Operation.  It was a fresh look at a level of the solar industry that many are rather unfortunately underexposed to. 

We are sold on solar. We know the benefits outweight the costs. We know it is a viable part of the solution to so many problems faced moving forward in time, and that we are destined to see the technology blossom before our eyes in the near future.

We are convinced and know our stance on the solar decision.

Each of us in this community share this solar vision, but it is never too late to be overcome with a new inspiration for the level of human ingenuity possible as we move towards a new world order.

After seeing Charles lecture, I am overcome with a child-like curiosity that lends a new flavor to my already colossally strong dedication to solar.  I knew about module varieties, thin film and CIGs possibilities… but what I didn’t know is that there is actually much much more to solar cell technology, and it just keeps getting better.

Charles reveals some very interesting possibilities in recent research and development of PV tecnology in this video lecture.  His inspiring vision and curiosity is catching.  

To reach Charles Liu directly, contact him at:, (510)498-8221. He welcomes your feedback, ideas, and projects!

Articles and Resources

We Care Solar ( : Everbright helped to develop and manufactures the Solar Suitcase for We Care Solar.  Here’s a little information from the Everbright Solar Website:

“The award winning SunSoaker Series solar panels are designed and made in USA by Everbright Solar for the most demanding off grid solar power generation applications. These panels are frameless, light weight, shatter resistant, high efficiency, and are covered with a very durable fluoropolymer front sheet. Its anti-reflective matte finish of the solar panels greatly enhances sun light capture and power conversion. The backboard is fire resistant fiber glass. The highest quality production mono crystalline solar cells are used to make these panels, and combined with the efficient use of the solar panel real estate, these are some of the most efficient off grid solar panels on the market today. They helped We Care Solar’s Solar Suit Case win The Tech Award in October 2011 in San Jose.  Here is the remarkable story of the Berkeley couple who founded We Care Solar and used Solar Suitcase to save lives in Africa.”

Princeton’s nanomesh nearly triples solar cell efficiency

Ultrathin, high-efficiency, broad-band, omni-acceptance, organic solar cells enhanced by plasmonic cavity with subwavelength hole array (technical report is available at

Harnessing the Powers of Darkness vs. Sky Power to the People

We have a gigantic wireless fusion plant that is intelligently, cleanly, and eveny distributed across the Earth. Why aren’t we embracing it? –  watch this TedTalk w/ Joe Jordan 


Do you know of an interesting article to share on technology development in the solar industry? Please post and share it with our readers in the comments section below. 

Custom Solar Modules


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