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Concentrating Solar Power Now: The Turning Point in Utility Scale Generation

CSP to Heat up Your Brown Bag Lunch
#SolarMOOC Presentation Featuring
Subject Matter Expert Dr. Morse of Abengoa

Thursday June 13, 2013 at 6PM CT (4PM PT, 7PM ET), Dr. Fred Morse, Senior Advisor of US Operations for Abengoa Solar, Inc. at Abengoa Solar, will present a one hour lecture on concentrating solar power technologies. Topics will include defining the solar resource for CSP, siting and permitting, incentives and projects, uniques aspects of CSP, and the outlook of it’s future and development.

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CSP (concentrating solar power) is HOT. Yes, in a manner of speaking, and in more ways than one.

A key point of interest: CSP plants can continue to produce power even after the sun has gone down because of energy stored in hot molten salts.  New developments in molten salt technology (using potassium calcium nitrate which has a lower melting point) is allowing for expanded energy storage hours as well as increased safety.  This advancement in solar thermal storage and heat transfer is making concentrating solar power a more practical approach than it used to be.

Concentrating Solar PowerReceivers and collectors of CSP have improved, increasing reflectance and absorption. This ultimately means now we have more energy being collected with less materials, and it’s taking less of it to heat the salts.  Efficiency keeps on rising.

What do these things mean in the long run? Lowering costs per kilowatt produced, or megawatt in the case of utiltiy scale solar, and a faster payback for investors that ever before.

Hence- a blossoming market, and more clean energy for the world.

In 1990 there were 354 MW of CSP installed through-out the world.

In 2010, there were 969MW installed.

In 2012 – the cumulative number recorded was 2,553MW.

Concentrating Solar PowerIn two years, the peak power installed capacity of concentrating solar power has almost tripled.  With these new advancements being made, what will the count be for 2013?

Fred Morse, Senior Advisor of US Operations for Abengoa Solar, Inc., will share his vast knowledge of and enthusiasm for CSP during a one hour #SolarMOOC lecture on Thursday June 13th at 6PM CT ( Register Now ). He will share a professional perspective of CSP, and will answer the audience’s questions at the end of the lecture.

Fred Morse

Dr. Morse was responsible for preparing the proposals that resulted in power purchase agreements for the 280 MW Solana and 280 MW Mojave CSP plants and for securing the federal loan guarantees for those two projects. Dr. Morse first became involved in renewable energy issues in the late 1960s when he served as Executive Director of the White House Assessment of Solar Energy as a National Energy Resource.   In his work at the US Department of Energy he played a significant role in defining and managing major solar energy R&D programs. Dr. Morse was the Chairman of the Western Governors’ Association Solar Task Force, was a member of the New Mexico CSP Task Force, and is the Chairman of the USP Division of the US Solar Energy Industries Association. Dr. Morse is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, received an M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from MIT and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

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