Common NEC Violations in Residential PV Systems with Andrew Truitt

The lecture presented by Andrew Truitt was packed with valuable information that shed light on the types of things that installers need to be aware of when doing work, and that many people preparing to take the NABCEP PV Professional exam need to stay fresh on.

To finalize a job, you need to pass an inspection- Andrew Truitt has been through this process on over 800 PV Projects. He shares with the #SolarMOOC audience a plethora of common mistakes that can inhibit the commissioning of a PV system.

Watch the lectures, take notes, have your code book handy, and be ready to push the pause button. This is a lot to take in, and a power meal for anyone dealing with PV system installations or preparing to do so.

This material was birthed out of material that is being used to train inspectors- so get ready, because they are learning this stuff to!


Feed Your Brain (Links and Resources)

Learning Center provided by Affordable Solar: I dug this up in my studies- explore and enjoy this rich knowledge base!

Solar 3.0: A National Platform for Process Innovation. A great training resource developed as part of the Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative.

We will leave you with these two resources today- because they are power packed and juicy to the core.

Reminder: SolPowerPeople has initiated a new FORUM where you can interact with others, ask questions, and find assistance during the road to becoming a NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installation Professional.

Join and interact today!

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