Common NEC Violations in Residential PV Systems

#SolarMOOC Lecture with Andrew Truitt

Thursday February 21st, 6PM CST

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On Thursday February 21st, at 4PM Pacific, 6PM Central, 7PM Eastern, Andrew Truitt will present a one hour #SolarMOOC lecture on common mistakes and violations of the National Electric Code in solar PV installations and how they can be avoided.

NEC ViolationsSolPowerPeople welcomes Andrew Truitt of Truitt Renewable Energy Consulting to present a lecture on Common National Electric Code Violations in residential PV systems. Truitt has over 8 years of experience working in multiple segments of the solar industry as an installer, system designer, foreman, educator, commissioning agent and consultant. This will be an incredible opportunity to learn from a solar industry veteran how to install solar PV systems while avoiding costly, time consuming, and potentially hazardous mistakes along the way.

In a flourishing industry such as solar, it is of utmost importance that systems be installed correctly- not only so that they function at their maximum power production capability, but so that they are compliant with the National Electric Code and other relevant codes, standards, and requirements of local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs).

SEIA’s second quarterly report of 2012 shows a record growth in the residential PV market sector, and a 20% quarter-over-quarter growth in the distributed generation sector in their Q3 report (Solar Market Insights Report 2012 Q3).  This type of growth puts solar increasingly in the spotlight as well as under the microscope, making code compliance a “you bet your industry” imperative that ALL solar practitioners must embrace.

Truitt’s lecture will include a presentation that was developed with Lee Bristol of Standard Solar for the purpose of educating electrical inspectors.  It will include an overview of how PV works, a brief discussion of different types of PV systems, and a walk through of the proper installation of PV system components, highlighting common electrical code violations.

After completing his Bachelors of Science in Physics at UC Santa Cruz in 2002 and his Masters of Science in Renewable Energy Systems Technology at Loughbrough University in the U.K. in 2004, Andrew Truitt started his career in solar as a photovoltaic (PV) system installer in Berkeley, California. In 2006 Andrew joined Standard Solar in Gaithersburg, MD as its 5th employee, and was instrumental in growing the company as it developed into one of the leading residential and commercial PV system integrators in the Mid-Atlantic region.

A NABCEP-certified PV installer since 2007, Andrew has installed, designed or managed over 800 commercial and residential PV systems (over 10 megawatts total) in California, the District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia. Andrew is now an active participant in the NABCEP organization, sitting on multiple program development committees as well as the Board of Directors.  In October of 2010 Andrew moved to Denver, Colorado and joined SRA International, where he leads the PV System commissioning program and supports the DOE’s Solar 3.0 initiative.  Andrew also founded Truitt Renewable Energy Consulting, where he provides PV installation and fire safety training, design review services, and other PV industry and system construction related guidance. Andrew’s mission is to facilitate the installation of high-quality PV systems with an emphasis on safety, power production and customer service.

Clearly, Andrew Truitt offers a level of expertise that is hard to rival, and considering that this lecture is derived from a course that was written for the education of inspectors, it will definitely be a highly valuable lecture for anyone involved in the development of residential solar PV projects.

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