“What’s Up, Doc Solstice?”
Collaborate with a Solar Master

A rare opportunity…
#SolarMOOC Live Q&A with solar expert Dr. Jeffery Lee Johnson

Have you ever wanted a chance to just ask someone that question that no one seems to be able to answer? Have you ever wished to sit down for a steaming cup of joe or a nice strong beer with a solar expert and just plug away? Now is your chance.

#SolarMOOC session Thursday November 8th: 

Q&A with the Doc @ 4PM Pacific, 6PM Central, 7PM Eastern

This coming Thursday will be a rare opportunity that many people dream of.  As you sit at your desks trying to figure out a solution to a design problem, or you come across an installation conundrum, or as you run up against a competitor whose out bidding you on a job- you may find yourself saying: “What in the world should I do? How can I fix this? If only I could just get some good advice…”

Dr. Jeffery Lee Johnson of ToDo Solar in Mexico

Doc Solstice, also known as avid #SolarMOOC participant, lecturer, large scale custom PV installer and designer, and all around laid back multilingual solar mack – Dr. Jeffery Lee Johnson, will be there for you. When Dr. Johnson isn’t designing or installing beautiful high functioning PV Systems, or traveling the continent as the Solar Johnny Appleseed of Latin America, he is often sharing his knowledge on the #SolarMOOC (Solar Massive Open Online Course) platform.  Doc Solstice has been an incredible resource for many experts and aficionados in the industry, and is a powerful player in a developing market in which he shines. A few of the lectures presented so far by the Doc:

Do you have a question for the Doctor? Submit them to info@solpowerpeople.com, and we will relay them during the lecture. Live participants may also ask questions during the webinar. As a #SolarMOOC participant, you will receive an invitation to this special webinar.

Dr. Johnson received his PhD from the University of California Santa Barbara in Electrical Engineering with specialization in the physics of Opto-Electronic materials and devices. He has more than 10 years experience as a Senior Project Manager for the Defense Industry and has worked on government projects through Raytheon, Rockwell and Lockheed Martin. Since 2007, Jeffery has been working to promote Solar Energy in Mexico where he now resides.

He has been an educator, a professor, and a consultant for government and industrial clients. He is currently the founder and CTO of TodoSolar (Spanish for “Everything Solar”). TodoSolar is a Mexican owned EPC company that designs and installs residential and commercial PV systems up to 500KW.

Dr Johnson will be speaking at the Sinergia 2012 conference in Zapopan, Mexico on Solar Energy in Latin America and Mexico: The Dawn of a New Age Energy”. For more information, visit their website or contact: inscripciones@congresosinergia.com.

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